Top 10 benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is a very common herb and is also known as a curcuma longa. It contains wide range of antiviral, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and antimutagenic properties. It is also loaded with many healthy nutrients and has been used as a powerful anti-inflammatory in Indian medicine.

Top 10 health benefits of Turmeric


Here are 10 benefits of Turmeric:

1. Improves Digestion:

Turmeric helps to stimulate the gallbladder as it is helpful in producing the bile. Biles production improves digestion and helps to reduce the symptoms of gas and bloating. Turmeric is beneficial in treating ulcerative colitis. People who suffer from any forms of gallbladder disease should not conume turmeric as it can worsen the condition. If you suffer from digestive problem then consume raw turmeric.

2. Relieves from Arthritis:

Given that turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory, it makes sense that it could help with arthritis. Excluding that turmeric has antioxidant properties which helps to destroy free radicals present in body which can damage body cells. Consume turmeric to get relief from moderate to mild joints pains and joint inflammation.

3. Controls Diabetes:

Turmeric is used to treat from diabetes and can moderate insulin levels. Turmeric improves glucose levels and increase the effect of medicines which are used to treat diabetes. Another helpful benefits of turmeric helps to reduce insulin resistance and can prevent from type 2 diabetes. When turmeric is combined with strong medicines it can cause low blood sugar level known as hypoglycemia. So its always adiviced to consult a doctor before taking turmeric capsules.

4. Reduce level of cholesterol:

Turmeric can be used as a serum to reduce cholesterol levels. Even high cholesterol level can lead to very serious health problems. Maintaining a constant cholesterol level can prevent from many cardiovascular diseases.

5. Immunity Booster:

Turmeric contains substance which is known as lipopolysaccharide that can stimulate the immunity system of our body. A strong immunity system can reduce the chance od suffering from flu, cold and coughs. If you don’t want to suffer from these diseases than its better to mix 1 tbsp of turmeric powder in a glass of hot or warm milk and drink daily. Note one should not consume water atleast half an our to one hour after drinking milk.

6. Heals wound, cuts amd burns:

Turmeric act as a natural antibacterial and antiseptic agent and is very effective and used as a disinfectant. If you have a burn or cut than just sprinkle turmeric powder on your wound and see how fast the affected area will be healed. Turmeric is very helpful in repairing damaged skin which is used to treat psoriasis and many other inflammatory skin conditions.

7. Weight Loss:

Turmeric is very beneficial in maintaining ideal body weight. Turmeric contains important component which is helpful in increasing the flow of biles and helps to breakdown the dietary fat. If you wish to reduce weight using turmeric or if you want a natural treatment for obesity than add turmeric powder to your diet.

8. Prevent from Alzheimer disease:

Brain inflammation which can lead to cause cognitive disorders like Alzheimer disease. Turmeric is very helpful for overall brain health as it is useful in removing the plaque build up in brain and helps to improve flow of oxygen. Turmeric helps to slow down the progression of Alzheimer disease.

9. Prevents Cancer:

Curcumin leads to several changes on the molecular level that may help prevent and perhaps even treat cancer. Turmeric has active components which helps the protect against the induced radiation tumors.

10. Prevent from liver disease:

Turmeric is known as a natural liver detoxifier. Turmeric is beneficial in increasing the production of vital enzymes. these vital enzymes present in blood helps to break down and to reduce the toxins from blood. Turmeric helps to improve blood circulation and all these facts helps to support liver’s good health.