Pimples are real nightmare to all of us. They can just ruin our appearance and they appears mainly one or two days before an occasion. So you should know some handy application to cure or at least reduce those gritty pimples. We do so many things to cure pimples and it’s marks. There are so many creams and other treatments are also available in the market.

TOOTHPASTE FOR PIMPLES AND SCARSToothpastes are drying agent and they help to dry out the pimple very effectively. It also helps to reduce minor pimple scars.

You can use toothpaste in two ways-

  • Just apply on the affected area and keep it overnight. In the morning the pimple may dry out and reduce in size.
  • It you can apply it before bath or cleaning your face for a lesser amount of time.
  • In this case conventional toothpaste acts good than gel based toothpastes.
  • Now some toothpaste are available in the market which contains mint or menthol in it. So you can use them too for an additional cooling sensation.

Toothpaste contains baking soda and other kinds of chemicals so they can act as drying agents and dry out occasional pimples. One thing you should definitely keep in your mind that this is not at all for chronic acnes or systic acnes.

And don’t forget to apply ice cubes after washing the toothpaste from the affected area. Cause toothpaste can make that area more sensitive. But I am again saying it can be used mainly when you are running off any acne treatment creams or gels. So it is totally for occasional use and not a daily remedy. Best ways to use ice cubes for beauty >>

  • Also you should use a clean hand to apply toothpaste on the pimple as dirty hand may make the situations worst increasing the infection.
  • Don’t apply too much toothpaste. Just apply a thin layer of it.
  • Don’t ever try to rupture the pimple as it causes more pimples and redness as well as infections. Just wash the toothpaste with a light hand.
  • Make sure that the toothpaste itself has not expired it date.
  • Not the least apply it on clean face. Don’t use it on dirty face as it can lead to severe irritation and inflammation.

Some cautions should be taken

  • If you have already very dry skin then you should think before applying toothpaste to the affected part. It will dry out the area excessively and that may increase the redness of that area.
  • If you have gone through some peeling or chemical treatment, just avoid to use toothpastes on pimples as this can cause severe chemical reactions.
  • If you have very sensitive skin, it may worse the situations.
  • If you have regular acne problems, better you should consult a dermatologist and use the emollient given by them on acne area.

Lastly, don’t touch your face or on acne repeatedly. There is no practical need to touch them often and our hands are just factory of bacteria’s as it touches everything. Always touch your face with a clean hand and too when necessary. You will definitely get rid of pimples if you adopt these basic hygienes.