How to keep sun tanning at bay this summer

by Debarati Ghosh

Well, summer is here with all its force. But we have to step out in day time as we all have our works. Apart from the heat and sweat, the other main concern is tanning. We generally go one to two shades darker in summers especially those who live in humid area. So here I am jotting down some tricks to combat these problems.

How to keep sun tanning at bay this summer

Sandalwood mask– Sandalwood is best to remove tan from your skin. They helps to cool down your body and skin. Sandalwood powder is available commercially in the market. But best you buy a piece of pure sandalwood from a reputed shop and bride it in the “chandan pata”. It is a flat surface of stone in which the sandalwood grinding is done with help of little water. For better result you can use rose water instead of water and apply the paste on the exposed part of your body and face. Let it dry and then wash it off with cold water.

Papaya and aloevera mask– Papaya is known for its amazing anti pigmentation properties. Smash some fresh papaya and add some aloevera gel to it. Aloevera will help to cool down and tone your skin at the same time papaya will help to remove the new tan from your skin and face. Make a paste of both and apply. How to make aloe vera gel at home >>

Red lentil and lemon pack– Apart from its protein value, red lentil , also known as masur daal or kalai daal, is known for its uses in skin care also. And I think I haven’t need to say about lemon. It is a rich source of vitamin C and best known as natural bleach. It can remove any scars or patches from your skin. Power some red lentil, add lemon juice to it and apply to exposed part. Keep it for some time and then start to wash it off with help of water in circular motion.

Milk- Raw milk has itself the capacity to clear out your skin. You can use milk as your cleanser taking in required amount in cotton balls. It is the best cleanser for dry skin as it doesn’t strip any natural balance of your face. You can also keep it for sometime on your face after applying and then remove it with cotton balls also soaked in milk.

Yogurt and honey– This is the best face pack for all types of skin as well. It soothes your face and helps to revitalize your skin. It helps to make your skin soft and supple. If your honey gets over, no problem. Just apply yogurt all over your face and exposed areas. Best you then wrap the portions with clean cotton clothes soaked in water. You may use rose-water also. But you make sure you have squeezed the clothes before wrapping. It will not only clean out your skin and tans, it will keep your skin cool and rash free.

Saffron and malai or butter milk mask– Saffron is a timeless skincare ingredient. It is known to whiten skin removing all pigmentation and scars. It also imparts a radiant glow to your face. Add a pinch of saffron to butter milk and apply the paste all over the face and other exposed areas. It is really good for your skin.

Tomato juice, potato juice, cucumber juice is also known for removing tans and toning skin. You can use them too. But the above mentioned are rich ingredients and are much effective too. If you use regularly, you will notice visible results.