Haircut can totally blow away your look! It is haircut that can either make you look worst or can bring the best of you. Having a perfect haircut is what every women wants and she remains very cautious when it comes to having a perfect haircut. There is no sense is carrying forward the hairstyle which you may be carrying for years, just because you have never dared to change it. Generally you should choose a haircut which would complement your face. So, Avoid getting worst haircut by following these tips and get the best ever haircut.


Ask yourself few questions first: It is you who should decide what exactly you want your hair to look like and how much time are you going to dedicate every day. You should be much prepared about the maintenance that your hair needs. Going for something trendy and quirky will consume much time while opting for short bob or pixie cuts needs low maintenance. Decide whether you want to tie a high pony tail always or just want to wave your hair open.

Consult first: You should always consult your beauty expert to know more about the haircut. It is not only your choice which depends on how to choose a haircut, but it also depends on your face structure. There are ladies with oval, diamond-shaped, round or heart-shaped structures. Your beauty expert will tell you about the hairstyle which would suite your better.

Print out of your hairstyle: Although everyone has whatsapp now and always keep your data connection on, so you can Google search about your haircut and show it there. Still to be on a safer side you can take the printout of the hairstyle which will explain what you want exactly and if not you can at least save the photograph in your gallery and show it during the time of consultation. This will help the beautician to understand you need for haircut and she would also suggest if it would it look good on your face

Choose your own hair products: Salons design various hair products according to your hair type. Some may be Paraben free while some may have higher quantity of Paraben in them. Do not hesitate to say about your choice of products and what you are allergic to. Some women are very delicate to use any chemical based shampoos, in such case you can opt for organic shampoos. DIY natural hair conditioners for super soft, shiny hair >>

Ask for some styling options: You are paying for your haircut and you need to take the maximum out of it. Ask your expert for various styling options that you would make with your recent hairstyle. Make sure that all the hairstyle looks cool on you right from a high pony tail to some braids hairstyle. Next thing to consider is about the hair on your forehead. Some women have broad forehead and round face which looks very bad if you comb your hair back. In such case go for eye level fringes which would suit you and hide the flaws.

Speak honestly: However during your consultation if you hate the idea suggested by your beautician, speak it honestly. If you hate it, you hate it and you do not need to get carried away just because your beautician may adore it. Ask them to fix back the problem with your haircut and get back to something normal. If you have already chopped enough of your hair, tell them you would be visiting after one week to fix the faults back.

Here are few tips and tricks that would help you to get perfect haircut according to your choice.