We all love our brushes! After all they keep our hair tidy and neat. But we often fail to keep them tidy and neat!  If you use clean brushes, you’ll be surprised to know how long your hair remains clean after shampooing! It may not seem like a big deal but hair brushes are total traps!! Dust, conditioner, oil, germs, even dust mites can be in your hair brush, which is DISGUSTING. I would personally recommend you clean out your brush once every week or two. It takes only a couple of minutes and very little energy. Just follow the easy methods that I have jotted down for you girls:


METHOD 1: This method can be used to clean a flat paddle brush and a round brush. All you need is a pen or pencil, a scissor and a plastic bag to throw the dirt and removed hairball.

  • Grab a brush having visible amount of hair and dust.
  • Grab a pen or a pencil and slide it under the hair in the brush. Now pull up until the hair starts to loosen.
  • Cut off all the loose bunch of strands and this will ensure un-knotting of the hair strands and will separate all the hair from each other and from the brush.
  • Now pull all the hair out with your fingers and TADA! Hair free brush!
  • You can go back with your pen or pencil to loosen up any more tight spots.
  • You can wash your brush with a shampoo later on.

METHOD 2: This method is appropriate for any kind of hair brush. You need only your kitchen sink, a toothbrush or wide toothed comb and a shampoo or hand wash.

  • Wet the brush and toothbrush/wide toothed comb under running water. This will soften whatever is left of the leftover locks.
  • Apply a small amount of shampoo to the bristles of the hand brush. This will help breakup any hair grease in the comb.
  • Gently brush the brush bristles with tooth-brush or wide toothed comb. For best results, scrub in one direction only, dragging the hair from between the bristles with every stroke.
  • Continue gentle scrubbing under the tap until all the hair has come out and flown away with the tap water. Be sure you are gentle enough not to pull out the hair bristles!
  • After you are done cleaning the brush, pat it dry with a rough towel.

METHOD 3: This is a simplest method of washing your comb but a lengthy one too. You only need a mug/bucket filled with soapy water and soak the brush in it overnight. You may clean the brush the next morning using a pen to pull out all the hair strands.

So now you know how to clean your hair brushes, common no more excuses! Happy grooming.