After Sun – DIY Natural Summer Soothing Lotion

Make a cooling summer skin saver lotion with natural ingredients that can be used to keep your skin moisturized and conditioned to protect it from the sun damage.

Summer Soothing LotionThe lotion will soothe the skin, especially after sun-exposure, in case of sun damage or sun burn. It will also moisturize the skin for a healthy glow.

To make a Soothing gel, You will need:
* 1 cup aloe vera gel
* 4-6 drops peppermint essential oil
* 5-10 drops vitamin E oil

To make a Soothing lotion, You will need:
* 1 cup of unscented body lotion
* 1tbsp of aloe vera gel
* 1tbsp of coconut oil
* 5-10 drops vitamin E oil

Combine ingredients in a medium bowl and apply this all over your body to heal you from the damage of the harsh sun, moisturize your skin and protect it. Store the rest of the lotion in a container and refrigerate.

Aloe vera gel is known as a miracle plant that has cooling and healing properties, making it perfect for summer. Vitamin E and coconut oil heals the skin from sun damage and makes your skin smooth, healthy, and moisturized.