Summer haircare tips – Protect and repair hair from the sun

Save your hair from the sun damage by following these simple tips to keep your hair healthy this summer.

Summer haircare tipsSummer Hair Care Basics
* Cover the hair to protect it from sun damage with a hat, umbrella or a scarf before you step out.
* Use a conditioner before swimming to protect the hair from the chlorine
* Trim the ends to treat dry, split ends and make it look healthy.
* Avoid using hot water, instead use warm water and seal the hair cuticles with a cold water rinse.

summer hair maskSummer Hair Mask:

Apply a summer hair mask once a week to treat any sun damaged hair. Blend avocado with coconut oil to make a nourishing mask. Leave it on for 15mins, cover with a shower cap and rinse for smooth, healthy locks.

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summer hair treatment

Summer Hot oil Treatment:

Use a hot oil treatment to add softness and shine to your hair. Warm jojoba oil and add few drops of essential oil. Massage the oil into the roots and leave it on for 30 mins before your rinse off.

summer hair mist


Summer Hair Mist:

To save your strands from damage, dryness, frizz, use a homemade all natural DIY hair mist to keep it hydrated and protected.