SMART WAY FOR QUICK CHARGE YOUR PHONESI am seriously impatient…but I am working on this character flaw. That being said…as you can imagine…I have NO patience for a dead phone battery or waiting for one to recharge! What’s worse than a dead phone? One that takes too long to charge!

This has certainly happened to most of us before: you’re rushing out of the door and you happen to see there’s just 5% left of battery! Here are some tips on how you can get your Android phone to charge faster!

Use a Wall Charger – Avoid the USB Port

The best way to charge your phone is to connect it directly to a wall outlet. Although connecting your phone to your computer with a USB cable is a convenient ways to recharge, it’s not as quick as the traditional outlet cable.

Get into airplane mode

Now enable airplane mode on your device to speed up charging. Depending on your device, there could be various ways to get to this. You can also go into the Quick Settings, by swiping down with two fingers. Every device is different, but you most likely know how to turn it on. Airplane mode blocks any wireless radios on your device, which means you won’t receive any calls, messages, internet access etc, but it’s all worth it when you think you’ll have a device that will still be on for the next few hours.

Use a Mobile App

After taking a quick look around the market, I’ve found a couple of applications that were bragged as fast chargers, but only some actually managed to pull the job. I’ve chosen to share only one title today i.e. fast charge, which can be found on Google Play’s store and that’s compatible only with Android.

Use the Right Power Adapter and Cable

This can’t be stressed enough. All gadgets work with different chargers, so the power adapter that comes with your smart phone is what you need to charge your device.

Find A Cool Spot for charging

While you don’t need to always remove the cases and covers when charging a smart phone, it’s beneficial to do that when you need to be quick about it. Smartphone batteries use lithium-ion, which follows a simple principle: a cooler battery is a better battery. So removing cases and covers will help keep the battery at room temperature or lower.

Don’t Forget About Power Banks

While these tips are great to charge your phone faster, they do tie you down to a spot. I have found that power banks (battery packs) can be a great way to keep charging your phone even after you are no longer near a plug point.