Skin Care with used tea bags

Brewing tea is the foremost natural choice out of Tea bags and you didn’t think about using it for twice and thrice in a day. Here the creativity speaks, used tea bags can be used again and again and this is much beneficial over skin. According to survey done, 85% of people trash the tea bags once used, while rest 15% use it carefully over their skin.

Skin Care with used tea bags


Let’s check some of the amazing uses of Tea bags over skin.

  1. Clams down irritated skin

Many of them have irritated skin, which sometimes become hard to handle. Irritated skin slowly and gradually gives rise to redness and inflammations on the skin. This is especially helpful to treat bruises on the skin, place the used tea bags over bruises and you will be feel the relief as soon as possible.

  1. To treat bites and stings on skin

Gently place the used tea bags over the bites and stings to reduce the pain. Always try to fridge the used tea bags for a longer period of time. More the cooler, more the beneficial over skin. Cold tea bags help to heal the pigmentation over skin and also provide relief from bites and stings on the skin.

  1. Relives body odor.

Used Tea bags can also be used to reduce body odor. This is especially recommended to people who perspire a lot in rainy and summer days. Empty few green tea bags in Luke warm water and use it for bathing. Alternately using used tea bags with Luke warm water helps to control the sweat released by the body and also reduces body odor.

  1. Treats Stinky feet’s

Many of them have the problem of stinky feet’s, some try to run for a treatment while some leave it ignored. Stinky feet’s releases pathetic and awful smell which is unbearable at times. Just empty few used tea bags in the water and sock your legs for 15-20 minutes every day. Due to its anti oxidant properties, it release to release the foot odor.

  1. Treats puffy eyes

Spending most of the time in front of laptop, is a common thing at keeping the problems at woes is a trick here. You often see puffy eyes the next day, when you spend sleepless nights and in front of laptop. Resting two used eye bags over the eyes will provide calmness and help to treat puffy eyes condition.

  1. Cleans the skin

Did you know used tea bags can be used to clean your skin too? Yes, it can be used as a skin cleanser. Run some tea bags over the hot boiling water and squeeze the tea water out of it. Use this tea water as the cleanser which will keep your skin away from bacterial infection. Using water from tea bags as a face wash is a great remedy to keep the skin glowing and clean.