It is often you sit for hours and hours in front of laptop and computer, which make you tired a lot and without any more chores to be done, you feel the day to be exhausted. Mustard Detox bath is the only bath that helps to reduce the muscle and body pain. According to various studies and researches, mustard helps to calm down the body and also relaxes the muscle and nervous system. Mustard Detox bath can be done at home; all you need is just few ingredients which are easily available at home. How to make mustard Detox bath at home

Ingredients you need

  • few mustard
  • ½ cup of Epsom salt
  • few pinches of baking soda

Process: Take all these ingredients and grind it well in the grinder. While grinding, make sure the paste is not much thick nor running, all it needs to be grainy in texture. Grainy paste helps to work well on the body and Detox the body well.

Put one cup of this powder in the Luke warm water, which is appropriate for raking a bath. Too hot or too cold water is not suitable for the mustard Detox bath. Now, scrub the body thoroughly and you will be amazed to see the results. It helps to reduce the muscle and nerve pain in the body and so helps to combat the joint pains.

Benefits of mustard Detox bath

  • helps to reduces the join pains
  • should be taken when your hands and feet are chilled
  • Any part of the body is swollen
  • Having severe cold.

Mustard is an ancient spice used in India more than 100 years ago. It has played a crucial role in cooking which saw its expansion in beauty benefits too. Even Ayurvedic theories have explained the benefits of mustard bath over body. Mustard helps to increase the heat in the body, which results in the better blood circulation to the body. It helps to calm down the irritated and sensitive skin, by giving them an excellent texture.

Mustard is a natural Detox ingredient, which helps in detoxification. It helps to treat any type of aches and swelling on the body. It also helps to unlock the clogged pores, giving a beautiful skin to the body.

Mustard Detox bath helps to get rid of tiny toxins that have settled on the body. Besides, this it also helps to give you a relaxation time. It helps to control the glands in the body, which are responsible in releasing sweat and awful odor every time.

Once, you have taken the mustard Detox bath, you may feel sleepy because it increase the heat in the body. This results in induces a better, deep and peaceful sleep in you. You may even feel hot for some time; you can always drink lots and lots of water after the Detox bath, so that your body is hydrated. Remember, mustard is an extremely hot ingredient. Don’t apply directly on the skin as it would burn your skin!

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