It is never too late to realize something good. This happened to me and even many of them around that the bathroom starts fogging up when you are having a good hot shower. We perhaps ignore such problems and even if we think about it, we conclude with none.

SIMPLE WAYS TO KEEP YOUR MIRRORS FOG FREEBathrooms shower and mirrors fogging up is common experienced faced by all of us, where some people try to fight the steam while others adjust rubbing hand over the mirror on temporary basis. Here we give you some of the best and quick tips to keep your bathroom and mirror fog free.

  1. Shaving Cream

Who says it is only the shaving process when you can actually use shaving cream? There are many more alternatives to use shaving cream among which one is using over fogged mirrors. Before you go for shower, you may apply little of shaving cream on the mirror and lather it quickly. This will avoid the glasses to get fogged up again.

  1. Hair dryer

Did you know you can even use a hair dryer to vanish away the fog from your bathroom? Besides mirror if you think all the glasses and the tiles inside the bathroom has fogged up, you may quickly take a blow dryer after your shower and blow it over the mirror and tiles. It will take only 5 minutes for the blow dryer to remove all the fog accumulated over the tiles and mirror.

  1. Shampoo

You can always use a shampoo over the fogged mirror to keep it clean and away from steaming. Although, we do not recommend you to use your expensive shampoo in keeping your mirror away from fog, but any cheap alternatives works well. You may also use a cheap or extra conditioner as an alternative.

  1. Soap

The very cheap and ready alternative to treat foggy glasses and bathroom is soap. If the tiles and mirrors have fogged up, all you need to rub little of soap over the mirror and then run water over them. You don’t need to be vigorous while rubbing, as it may become a difficult challenge latter. Just settling the fogged up tiles and mirrors can give you a clean bathroom. You can always do this before or after shower.

  1. Vinegar

Splitting some vinegar and living it for some time will avoid the mirrors to get fogged up. You can always spray them on the glasses and tiles of the bathroom. Vinegar would also help to act like a natural cleanser and also avoid bathroom from getting into the fogged up stage. Vinegar can also be used to get stainless clean mirrors.

  1. Door open

The easiest idea of getting rid of foggy bathroom is letting the door open completely. If you have a fan fitted inside the bathroom, don’t forget to turn it on. It would take around 15 minutes for the fog to settle down, as the process is a little time-consuming.

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