We think twice (may be thrice!) before buying pricey nail paints as they have a tendency to get dried after a period of time and you can’t use them afterwards. But Revlon has launched colorstay gel envy nail paints which have base and color together in them. Yes they are pricey but I wanted to try at least one from the range so here I am reviewing the shade Lady Luck (110) which I have bought.


Packaging- Revlon colorstay gel envy long wear nail enamel comes in a transparent glass container with a glossy black cap attached to it. Though the container is made from glass, it is hard and thick enough to make it travel friendly. The cap is also very tight.

Applicator- Well, Revlon gel envy has got a unique applicator which contains two bunch of bristles together and it makes the applicator wider than regular ones. I never felt any problem during coating the corners of the nails with this.

Shade & pigmentation– Today I am reviewing the shade Lady Luck (110) which is a beautiful blend of pink and coral with subtle golden shimmers. The shimmers are very subtle on nails and one can’t spot them until one observes very closely. Shimmers give a nice glow to this paint and this particular color is a bit neonish but not OOT. This shade requires two full coats to give an opaque finish.

Texture, finish and staying power– The texture is a little runny at least for this particular shade but it is very easy to apply. It gives a nice glossy finish and subtle shimmers make the shade more attractive. It stays on my nails for 5-6 days without chipping but after that it starts to chip off. I don’t need any extra top or base coat as it is a 2 in 1 nail paint.


  • Long staying
  • 2 in 1 base + color
  • Subtle shimmers make the shade attractive
  • Beautiful mixture of pink and coral but finish is a bit neonish
  • Texture is easy to use
  • Applicator is good too
  • Two coats give opaque coverage
  • Huge amount (11.7 ml where regular nail paints come with only 5 ml)
  • Doesn’t dry out easily


  • Some may not like the neon tone of this particular shade
  • A bit pricey

RBS Rating- 4.8/5

Price- 425 INR for 11.7 ml

Shade: Lady Luck (110)

Recommendation- Yes! I recommend this though it’s pricey. It is value for money as the quality is much better than regular nail paints and also stays long and gives a nice finish. It doesn’t dry out very quickly so you can use it for a longer time.