8 best ways to Remove makeup stains from clothes

We girls work hard in looking the best but sometimes it backfires. We all know tips and tricks to do when our makeup goes wrong, but what to do when makeup spills on clothes? Being beautiful comes at a price but it doesn’t have to be that high as there are many natural ingredients that can remove stains easily. If you are regular makeup user then you should know how to remove makeup stains naturally and effectively. Here are some easy ways that you can try.

stain remover alcohol

Alcohol: Alcohol can remove makeup stains easily. Blot the stain with running alcohol and let it stay for 5 minutes. It will remove lipstick or eyeliner stains easily.




shaving cream stain remover

Shaving Cream: Put little shaving cream on the stain area and let it stay for 10 minutes. The stain will dissolve in the shaving cream. Now, carefully wipe the shaving cream using light colored cloth. Now wash off with cold water. Be careful and don’t smudge the shave cream with the cloth. And make sure you use shave cream and not GEL.

stain remover hair sprayHairspray: Hairspray can also be used to remove lipstick stains from clothes. Spritz hairspray on the stray directly and let it stay for 20 minutes. Now, dab it with a sponge and was with regular detergent. The lipstick mark will vanish after wash.stain remover bread

White Bread: It might sound weird but it works for many stains like eyeliner and blushes. Take a fresh piece of white bread and try wiping away the stain with it. Rub the bread on the satin as white bread acts as a natural absorber for oil and moisture.


stain remover vinegarVinegar: Take one cup of water and mix one tbsp of vinegar in it. Take a light colored cloth and dab it in the mixture. Now, use the cloth to wipe the makeup stain gently. Now, wash off the cloth using regular detergent and the stain will vanish. Don’t use vinegar on cotton clothes.stain remover Ammonia

Ammonia: First, keep the stain under running water to get rid of excess layers. Now, take cotton and dip it in ammonia. Use this cotton to blot the satin area and let it stay for 10 minutes. Once the stain fades, wash it with detergent.


Glycerin stain removerGlycerin: Take few drops of glycerin and spread it on the stain. Spread it only on the stain, don’t go over-board. Scrape it off and then rinse the cloth regularly using detergent.baking soda stain remover

Baking Soda: Take baking soda, sprinkle it onto the stain and scrub it with a scrub-brush. Baking soda will blot all the oil from the makeup stain. The spray hairspray and wet it with plain water. Now rub it with a cloth till the stain fades. After the stain starts fading, wash the cloth with regular detergent.

Try to remove the makeup stain as soon as possible to get better results otherwise the stain will set. I hope you enjoyed the article.

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