7 Best Tips to Reverse Skin Damage

Your skin is super flawless at only one time in your life generally and that is when you are born. As times passes, the skin gets targeted by various environmental exposures and this issue affects the skin and slowly the skin gets flawed. Often the skin damage is not realized until it is very obvious to one’s eyes.

There are so many reasons for skin damage. The most common reason however is sun exposure and free radicals. When the skin absorbs the sun light as well as the toxins from the environment, the skin becomes dysfunctional and ends up producing less collagen and elastin. As a consequence the skin does not renew itself and fails to impart a youthful glow. The slow dead skin removal and loss of collagen and elasticity contributes in the wrinkle and fine line formation.

7 Best Tips to Reverse Skin DamageWhat are the steps to reverse skin damage? There are several steps that can help you reverse skin damage and they are as follows.

1. Sunscreen: Sunscreen can actually help you restore your same old skin provided you are being regular with it. Make sure you apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Your sunscreen must contain titanium or zinc oxide. It helps you to protect the skin from potential sun damage and will help you to reverse the skin damage. Your sunscreen must have a minimum of SPF 15.

2. Moisturize: Your skin needs moisturizing at every stage regardless of the skin type. The damage in your skin may be due to lack of hydration, so adding that dose of hydration regularly will rejuvenate your skin and make it more healthy looking and glowing. You can try these best natural moisturizer you can make at home for hydrated skin.

3. Chemical peels:  This one is for the skin with severe skin damage. Chemical peels are in particular great to increase collagen growth. You may have to get six to eight chemical peels to reap in maximum benefit.

4. Creams with retinoid:  Retinoid creams happen to be a topical treatment of vitamin A. If you have brown spots or simple skin damage, you may use an over the counter retinoid cream and if you have severe skin damage then you can go for a prescription retinoid cream.

5. Choose your skincare products carefully:  You will have to take care of your skin as per the damage it has incurred. For instance, if your skin is affected with sun damage then you must avoid using harsh products like the ones that contain benzoyl peroxide or any other kind of acid. You may go for brands that specialize in products for sensitive skin, as those would be perfect for you.

6. Diet: Keep a watch on your diet. Avoid aerated drinks and junk food completely. Drink plenty of water. Have fruits and vegetables regularly, this will help in restoring the healthy skin by providing the essential nutrients for the skin from inside.

7. Use natural skin care treatments: As far as possible, stay away from chemicals for your skin. Use natural homemade recipes for the skin. Aloe vera gel is very good to repair damaged skin. Use this regularly specially after coming from sun.