Red Sandalwood: Skincare Benefits

Skincare using natural and organic ingredients is a sure shot way to get a healthy skin, without any side effects. It definitely takes a bit longer compared to chemical and other alternatives, but the results are long lasting and safe. Now, almost everybody has heard about the benefits of sandalwood for your skin. But today we are going to explore its distant and relatively unknown cousin – red sandalwood. Red sandalwood is nothing less than sandalwood when it comes to skincare. It has been used since ages in various Ayurvedic skincare preparations. Let us know more about red sandalwood.

Red Sandalwood: Skincare BenefitsWhat is Red Sandalwood? Red Sandalwood is derived from the sandalwood tree’s bark. It is found abundantly in India, Indonesia and the Caribbean. Ayurveda has lot of references to red sandalwood in cures for acne, rashes and ulcers on the skin. It is also a very popular ingredient in beauty treatments as well. However, it is recommended that you definitely do a patch test on your skin before using it on your face for any kind of treatment.

Benefits of Red Sandalwood on Skin:

  • Anti-Ageing: Red Sandalwood will help you prevent wrinkles and fine lines. If you already have few, it helps in reducing them. Due to its anti-ageing properties, it is a must for mature skin.
  • Glowing Skin: Regular use of red sandalwood will give you a glowing and smooth complexion. Use it to brighten and even out your skin tone.
  • Sun Tan Removal: Summers are on us and may give us a san tan or even a sun burn. Red sandalwood is effective in treating both very effectively. Regular use will soothe the sun burn and reduce the tan as well.
  • Acne Treatment: Acne and pimples can be very irritating and tough to deal with. Red sandalwood has anti-bacterial and medicinal properties which will help you to fight acne with visible improvements.
  • Oil Reduction: Excess secretion of oil can be combated by using red sandalwood on the T-zone or the whole face. It absorbs the excess oil produced on your skin.
  • Pigmentation Reduction: If you are suffering from dark spots, red sandalwood will aid in fading them away.
  • Allergy Treatment: Red sandalwood is also very effective in dealing with any skin allergy or irritation.
  • Cooling Sensation: Red sandalwood is extremely soothing and cooling for the skin.

Ways to use Red Sandalwood:

Red sandalwood can be used in various face masks for treatment of any skin issues you have. It can be used in the following ways:

  • Add it in any regular face pack for increasing the effectiveness of the pack.
  • Mix it with honey and milk for moisturizing dry skin.
  • Mix it with tomato juice for reducing the skin tan and even out the skin.
  • Use it with powdered rice to make a scrub to reduce blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Mix it with cabbage juice for reducing and preventing wrinkles.

Hope you are completely convinced of the effectiveness of red sandalwood by now. Do use it regularly and share with us any other ways of using it.