Overnight beauty tips using olive oil

Want a beautiful skin and hair? Just add olive oil—to your beauty routine.
Olive Oil is a rich source of vitamin E and anti oxidants that is important to treat your skin for a healthy glow. It works as a great conditioner for your hair leaving your hair feeling silky soft. As a natural sunscreen the oil protects your skin and hair against any harmful effects of the sun. Find out different ways to use olive oil in your beauty routine:

10 DIY Ways to use olive oil in your beauty routine


Deep Clean with Olive oil Cleanser :

Deep cleans the skin from dirt, makeup for a clean and clear skin by using olive oil as a cleanser or face wash.

Olive oil Massage oil for a healthy glow:

Use a drop of olive oil to massage your face for 5mins everyday to reduce wrinkles for a young, beautiful skin.  Have you ever wondered how models and celebrities get their faces to have that angelic, super-human glow? If you apply a little bit of olive oil to your face before bed (after washing) and in the morning before you apply your makeup, you too can glow.
Detox skin with oil for a younger looking skin >>

Natural Olive oil Lip Gloss :

Add a drop of olive oil to moisturize for naturally glossy lips. Use it on your lips before going to bed to treat dry, chapped lips.

Natural Olive Hair oil:

For soft, shiny hair, warm some olive oil and use it as a hair mask. Leave it on for 15-30mins and shampoo. DIY Dry, Dull hair mask with olive oil >>

Dandruff Olive Oil Treatment :

Get rid of dandruff, dry or itchy scalp, massage a small amount of warm olive oil on the slap before going to bed. Leave the oil overnight to work and shampoo in the morning.

Olive Oil Split end Mask :

Smooth on a drop of olive oil just to the ends of your hair to make it appear soft and shiny.

Olive oil bath products:

Add few drops of olive oil in your shampoo and massage it into your hair for shiny, tangle free hair. Also, add few drops in your hand or body wash for softer, smoother skin. DIY after shower olive oil body mist >>

10 DIY Ways to use olive oil in your beauty routineOlive Oil Body Lotion:

For extreme dry skin, apply olive oil as a moisturizing lotion and massage it into the skin to increase circulation for a healthy glow.

Soft feet:

 To help fix this, rub some olive oil on your feet each night before you go to bed, and throw a pair of socks on too so that your sheets don’t absorb the oil. When you wake up in the morning, your heels will feel considerably softer.

Condition Lashes:

To help nourish and even darken your lashes, apply just a dab of olive oil to them before you go to bed. While you’re at it, add a little bit to your eyebrows, too.

Strengthen Nails with Olive Oil:
Soak nails in olive oil and warm water to soften the cuticles and strengthen the nails.
Massage a few drops of olive oil before going to bed to condition and moisturize the nails. Soften hands in 5 mins with olive oil scrub >>

Eye Cream:

To reduce wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes, gently dab a little bit of extra virgin olive oil under your eyes before you go to bed. It will nourish the tender skin around your eyes and soften the fine lines. Keep some olive oil in your fridge and use it as a refreshing, vitamin chockfull beauty treatment eye cream.

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