At-Home Hair Spa Treatment

Dry, frizzy hair needs extra conditioning… and a hair spa treatment can be the perfect solution for nourishing and rejuvenating your tresses.

r217Here’s a guide to know how to give your hair a spa treatment at home that is good for healthy, soft and shiny hair.

MASSAGE: Oil massage is necessary to reduce hair fall and any other hair problems. It adds luster and shine to your hair that has been lost due to over styling and pollution. Scalp massages stimulates the roots, increases circulation and relaxes for hair growth.

Scalp massage for a healthy hair growth>>

STEAM: Steaming the hair helps to restore moisture. Steam opens up the clogged pores of your hair making the oil penetrate deep into the roots, stimulates hair follicles and improves hair growth.

Hair steam at home without a steamer >>

MASK: Hair masks helps to deep condition, adds softness and shine to your hair. They also help in treating any hair problems like dandruff, dry hair, hair loss and much more.

Hair masks to make your hair soft and shiny >>

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