Natural treatments to repair bleached damaged hair

Bleaching damages your hair. It robs away the natural moisturizer from your hair, makes it brittle and your tresses become prone to breakage. Still, women get their hair bleached and when the damage is done, they rant and fume and sigh and keep no stone unturned to repair the damage done to their locks that used to be an epitome of crowning glory…once upon a time!

Often, the chemicals contained in bleach affects your hair so adversely that you shudder at the thought of using other chemical treatments to fix the damaged hair. Natural treatments appear to be the best viable option! Are you searching for natural treatments to repair damaged hair caused by bleaching? Read on to learn about the best and the easiest natural treatments to fix damaged hair.

Natural treatments to repair bleached damaged hair

Top three natural treatments to repair damaged hair caused by bleaching

  • The nourishing oil treatment: Mix a cup of pure coconut oil with two teaspoons of olive oil and almond oil. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that adds strength, balance and vitality to your hair. Almond oil helps to lock in moisturizer and extra virgin olive oil prevents hair loss due to breakage. Heat the oil combination in microwave for about two minutes. Let it cool down a bit and gently massage it on your scalp and down the length of your hair. Focus on the ends. Put on your shower cap and wait for thirty minutes, if not more. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and condition your hair. The oil treatment should be done thrice a week.
  • The deep conditioning treatment: Damaged hair is one that has been robbed of its natural moisturizer. So, make sure that you provide your hair with the much-needed hydration. Use hair masks to provide deep conditioning treatment to your hair. Smash a ripe banana and add three spoons of jojoba oil, a spoon of pure honey and three spoons of yoghurt. Mix the ingredients thoroughly so that a smooth paste is formed. Apply it generously on your hair. Wear a plastic shower cap and wait for an hour. The mask works its wonders on your hair in those sixty minutes. After rinsing it off, you get soft and smooth hair that shines with a healthy glow. Another idea is to mix two eggs with two spoons of vegetable oil and two spoons of water. Use it as a mask to treat and nourish your damaged hair with protein-rich conditioning treatment. The masks should be used once in a week.
  • The hassle-free mayonnaise treatment: Mayonnaise is excellent for treating damaged hair since it contains eggs, oil and vinegar, that are enough to nurture, protect and fortify dull and damaged hair. If you are just not ready to take up the hassle of mixing various ingredients to make a nice and effective DIY treatment, resort to the use of mayonnaise. Apply mayonnaise liberally through the length of your hair and cover your hair with shower cap. After thirty minutes shampoo and condition as usual.

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It is important to keep your hair well-hydrated if you want to rescue your hair from damages caused by bleaching. Oiling and deep conditioning should be turned into a staple hair care routine. Moreover, use mild shampoo and if possible, use paraben-free shampoo or just try 15 best DIY all natural homemade shampoo recipes. You could also make use of natural shampoo recipes like the soap-nut shampoo. Be gentle to your hair. Done religiously, the treatments would bring about a significant difference to your hair in two months. It is possible to repair the damage your hair has suffered as a result of bleaching. So, don’t panic!

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