All-Natural Cleaning Solutions with Salt

Salt is the most commonly available condiment in your kitchen. Leaving sweet dish aside, we can never think of a meal sans salt! But salt can do much more than enhancing the taste of your dishes you cook. At home, it can be used in a variety of ways and for diverse purposes. Wondering about these lesser known uses of salt? Read this post for an interesting insight!


All-Natural Cleaning Solutions with SaltTop seven ways to use salt for home

For cleaning artificial flowers: Tidy up the appearance of your bunch of artificial flowers in a jiffy with the help of salt! Put a quarter cup salt in a paper bag and in the paper bag, place those silken and nylon clusters that have been decorating your drawing room for quite some time now. Shake the bag gently and the flowers emerge clean and fresh.

Carpet Cleaner: Did you expect the trouble after that heart-warming party that you hosted at home? Well, of course it is none of your fault if a glass of red wine got spilled on the carpet. Don’t worry at all! Dilute the colour by pouring some white wine on the red wine patch while it is still wet. This will help in diluting the colour. Now, mop it up and rub it clean with cold water and sponge. Sprinkle some salt on the area and wait for ten minutes. Vacuum the mess up and lo! The wine mess is cleared in no time! DIY natural carpet stain removers >>

Clean fish tank: Removing that stubborn layer of mineral deposits in fish tank never seemed easier. Rub the fish tank with salt (preferably non-iodized) and rinse it thoroughly before you reinstall those tiny colourful fishes.

Clean Linens: Freshen and whiten your linens by boiling them in a salt and baking soda solution. In a washing tub or large pot, add 5 tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Boil for 15 to 30 minutes, then remove and rinse in cold water.

For stopping ant procession: Sprinkle some salt across the path of the train of ants trying to enter your room. This would act as a barrier and ants will get the message that they are not welcome.

Clean Pots and Pans: Burnt pan casts a stubborn layer and it is extremely difficult to scrub the pan clean. Well, salt comes as your saviour here. Pour water in the pan and drain it. The layer is wet now. Sprinkle some salt and wait for ten minutes. Scrub the pan and in no time, the stains are removed.

Clean Coffee Maker: To clean your automatic coffee maker’s coffee pot, add a few tablespoons of salt to the water and bring the whole thing to a boil.

Refrigerator cleaner: Clean out your refrigerator with a simple mixture of salt and soda water. It works, and there are no strange smells to infiltrate your food.

Clean Soap Scum: Remove soap scum from bathroom tile by scrubbing with a solution of 1 part salt in 4 parts vinegar. Wipe clean with a damp rag.


Clean sink drains. Pour salt mixed with hot water down the kitchen sink regularly to deodorize and keep grease from building up.

Thus, the use of salt is varied. Whether you wish to extend the longevity of your straw broom or scrub the milk pan clean, nothing seems to aid you the way salt does. It is easily available and inexpensive too! Use salt to keep your home clean and your life, free from troubles.