Clever uses for nail polish

A clear nail polish beautifies and adds glossy effect to your nails, right? Surprisingly, a clear nail polish has many other clever and unique uses that you may pot aware of. Here are some clever uses you can try with clear nail polish without breaking the bank.

Clever uses for nail polishProtect Skin: Ladies love wearing jewelry but everyone cannot afford to wear gold or diamond. And artificial jewelry can leave green or black marks on your skin after certain time. So, I have a great trick for you all. Just coat your jewelry with clear nail polish to prevent any marks on skin. It will also extend the jewelry life and will make it look appealing.

Smudge Free Labels: You can reserve the important information using clear nail polish. Yes, just coat any label or writing using clear nail paint. Doing this will prevent ink from running on labels and it will also prevent the writing from getting removed. You can also waterproof any address or important writing using coat of clear nail polish on it.

Seal Envelope: To secure an envelope you don’t need tongue or glue, you just need clear nail paint. Yes, seal any envelope using a coat of clear nail polish and it will not budge anywhere. It’s a very handy trick especially when you don’t have glue with you.

Keeps shoes shiny: Your shoes have become dull and lost their original shine? Yes? Oh! Don’t worry just paint them suing clear nail polish and you will get the shine back instantly. Yes, it’s the easiest way to add shine without spending much.

Prevent button Disappearing: It’s very embarrassing when a button comes off from dress at unexpected moment. If you think that the button will come off anytime then just apply clear nail polish on it and relax. The clear nail paint will make the threads stronger and will prevent it from fraying and also from disappearing. Try this trick and you will never lose any button.

Prevent Ribbon Fraying: I’m sure you must have heard that burning the ends of ribbon/lace/rope will prevent it from unraveling but instead of burning you can try a simple trick and that is using a clear nail polish. Just coat the ends of rope or lace or ribbon with clear nail polish and stop it from fraying.

Tighten Screws: Coating screws in clear nail polish adds strength and tightens the screw. You can also tighten screws of your sunglasses/ glasses by coating the screw with clear nail polish. This is a very simple but effective trick for an extra screw hold.

Fix Window screen: Fix the small tears or holes in your window screen by applying 2-3 thick coats of clear nail polish. It will fix the small holes immediately. Not only this, it will also soften the sharp window mirror edges.

Threading Easy: Do you lick and then re-lick the thread while needling it? Threading a needle can be a pain sometimes due to the frayed thread ends. But don’t worry, just dip the thread end into clear nail polish bottle and allow it to dry. After drying, the thread will become stiff and will make your work easier.