Beach Beauty: Sexy Summer Pool/ Beach Hair

Summer may be the most wonderful time of year….. but with this season also comes certain hair hazards like chlorine, UV rays, salt water and humidity, which can lead to fried scalps, frizzy hair or other hair problems.

Beach Hair

Here are some summer hair care tips to keep in mind before going out to the beach:

Prevent color fading by spraying hair with a product with SPF in it or use few drops of natural oils with SPF.

Make sure to wet your hair before swimming — that way, it won’t absorb as much salt water or chlorine.  Make a pool hair mist by adding water or use the coconut leave in conditioner to prevent damage to your hair.

After spending time poolside or at the beach, try using cooling hair mask to repair any damage or fried scalp.

Beach Beauty: Sexy Summer Pool/ Beach Hair

Beach/Pool Conditioning Hair Mist:
* 2 tbsp of hair conditioner
* 2 cups of warm water

Mix the ingredients together and spray it on your hair before entering the swimming pool or use DIY coconut leave in conditioner to protect your hair while swimming.