Natural antiperspirant deodorant Spray

Antiperspirants are personal hygiene products designed to control sweating and body odor.Essential oils have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which kill the bacteria and prevent body odor. It will eliminate body odor when applied sparingly to your underarms or your pulse points.

Natural antiperspirant deodorant Spray


Witch hazel- Has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties.

Rose water- Helps control perspiration and keeps underarms fresh.

Essential oils- Has anti-microbial properties. Also works as a fragrant in the recipe.


Things you need-

  • 1/2 cup witch hazel
  • 1/2 cup rose water
  • 5-10 drops 100% pure essential oil.


Natural antiperspirant deodorant Spray
  1. Combine witch hazel, rose water and essential oils in a jar.
  2. You can also combine different essential oils for that perfect scent.
  3. Pour it in a spray bottle and spray each armpit once or twice and allow to dry.

Essential oils fight bacteria and are fragrant. Shake the essential oil mixture before spraying it onto your under arms. Use this regularly until the body odor problem is completely gone Essential oils prevent smelly bacteria from growing, leaving you fresh without relying on harsh chemicals.

You could mix anti bacterial essential oils like: tea tree, Rosemary, lavender, lemon, thyme, sage oil.

Natural antiperspirant deodorant Spray

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Roll On Deodorant:

  1. Mix a couple of drops of tea tree oil with a tablespoon of pure coconut oil.
  2. Pour the oil mix in a roll on container and rub onto your armpits.

Warning: Essential oils can irritate some people’s skin or cause allergic reaction, so do a patch test on the inside of your forearm before using the blend on your underarms.