After hearing a lot about beer benefits for hair and skin, I researched a lot about multiple ways in which beer can be included in our beauty regime. Beer does works wonders for our skin and hair! I always keep experimenting with beer and anyhow you use it, it works great!


MULTIPLE USES OF BEER IN BEAUTY REGIMEA beer is made up of inherent ingredients like water, starch, malted barley and brewer’s yeast. It has no side effects at all and I swear by this! While beer might seem an odd ingredient in your beauty routine, the aesthetic benefits are tremendous! Beer has a low pH so it helps tighten your hair follicles, thereby strengthening your hair. It also cleans the dirt and grime from hair properly. Beer works amazingly in reducing the pore size and skin tightening. The froth in beer is also good for fighting acne because of yeast in it; it helps slow down sebum production thereby reducing/preventing the appearance of pimples or acne.


This face mask helps in skin tightening. Regular use of this mask will help minimize the appearance of pores and prevent acne. Egg white gives skin a brightening effect.

Directions : Whisk together ½ teaspoon beer and 1 egg white. Apply liberally over face. Let it sit for 15 minutes. This mask will feel taut on your face after drying. Wash it properly with gentle strokes. Moisturize your skin using a moisturizer.


Strawberries are a rich source of vitamin c and folic acid. Vitamin c fights off free radicals whereas folic acid aids in cell generation and production of new cells. Benefits of beer and strawberries makes them an amazing ingredient in facial scrub.

Directions : Mash 2-3 strawberries using a fork and add 1 tsp of beer to it. Crush strawberries with beer in such a way that they get homogenised into thick paste. Apply this scrub over face and neck and scrub gently for 5 minutes. Keep it for additional 5 minutes before washing.


Beer adds body while essential oil adds shine to the hair making it look healthy and shiny.


Aloe Vera works wonders in treating dandruff and other scalp problems. You can add more beer to the mixture till it becomes little watery and can be used as DIY natural shampoo.

Directions : Mix 2 Tbsp of aloe vera gel  and 1 Tbsp of beer. Apply this to the entire hair including scalp. Wash after 3-4 hours with a mild shampoo and it is ok even if you skin conditioner.

Beer is a wonder ingredient in every DIY product as well as when it is used alone. Go formulate more beer recipes on your own and I bet they all will work amazingly!

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