Meditation – How to and benefits

Life, today, gives you hardly any time to slow down. Have you ever thought of giving your soul also some rest amidst this chaos? If not, it is the right time and meditation is one of the simplest tools that will actually help you slow your pace, handle things in a better way, and even alleviate your stress levels.

Meditation – How to and benefitsMeditation is a self inquisition technique that heals you in a wholesome way, nourishing you physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Learn to know how you can meditate, in the simplest way, right here.


  1. Select a time and place

Meditating in a calm atmosphere has its own benefits. Choose a place and time that will help you to concentrate and focus completely, while avoiding disturbances. Early mornings and late evenings are ideal for meditation. You can any place that is close to the nature.

  1. Choose comfortable clothing

Wear loose clothes and choose a fabric according to the weather. The ideal one would be a loose fitting pants and tops made from cotton.

How to meditate

  1. Sit in a comfortable position

Choose any seated pose of your choice, or if you have any knee issues, sit on a chair. Keep your spine and neck erect, head relaxed, and eyes closed. Let your hands rest gently on thighs, while index and thumb of respective hands are in contact. Once you are seated, maintain stillness.

  1. Allow body to relax

Take a deep, slow inhalation through your nose and exhale, slowly, yet powerfully to expel the air. You can do this process 10 to 12 times or until you feel your body starts relaxing.

  1. Do alternate nostril breathing

This will help your body relax further. Keeping the eyes closed and left hand in place, lift your right hand. Close the left nostril with ring finger and right nostril with thumb. The index and middle fingers will be slightly curled inward, while little finger will point outward. Open the left nostril and exhale completely. Inhale for a count of 4, close the left nostril, and open the right nostril. Exhale for a count of 4. Now, inhale via the right, close the right, and exhale via the left for an equal number of count. This makes one round of alternate nostril breathing. Do 10 such rounds.

  1. Clear away clutters from your mind

If you are a beginner, then you might find this an intimidating task. Just allow your mind to roam around and then slowly start clearing it away. You can try focusing on your breathing pattern to empty your mind.

  1. Focus on a particular thing

It could be anything of your choice. A particular mantra, a candle kept in front of you, or even your breathing pattern! A mantra is highly effective as its sound reverberates, keeping you glued to the meditation. Plus, it has spiritual benefits too. You can keep your eyes closed and chant the mantra, Om, after taking a deep inhalation.

  1. Relax

Mediate as long as you want to. Start with 10 minutes a day, increasing the duration over the time. And, then slowly relax. Rub your palms till they generate heat. Place it atop the eyes, gently open the eyes and come out of meditation.

10 Must Know Benefits of Meditation

Here are 10 benefits meditation bestows you:

  1. Better immunity system
  2. Less stress
  3. Better fertility
  4. Improved self confidence
  5. Better problem solving
  6. Enhanced creativity
  7. Better pain management
  8. Improved concentration and focus
  9. Better relationship management
  10. A feeling of wholeness

Start meditating right away and start experiencing the benefits of meditation within 3 to 4 weeks…