M.A.C is something I desperately wanted to try; since all these years I heard my friends and a lot of people loving their lipsticks and foundations. I don’t have a M.A.C store nearby but have to travel to High Street Phoenix Mall which is like 45 mins to 1 hour away from my home. One day I made up my mind and finally got one M.A.C Retro Matte lipstick and Studiofix fluid foundation from the store.

After trying some shades, I found that NC 42 exactly matches my skin tone (NC has yellow undertones while NW has pink undertones). I was a bit confused between NC 40 and NC 42, but the SA suggested me to go with NC 42 as it looked natural. So, here is the review:


A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium-buildable coverage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15. Comfortable and long-wearing: lasts for up to eight hours. Applies smoothly, builds coverage quickly and easily. Contains specially treated micronized pigments and soft-focus powders for a super-smooth look that helps minimize the appearance of imperfections. Absorbs and disperses oil. Contains special skin-conditioning ingredients. Oil free.


Packaging: The foundation comes in a very sturdy glass bottle which won’t break easily. The bottle is transparent and comes with a black screw cap with matte-velvet finish. The foundation bottle has a wide opening and you need to buy a pump dispenser separately if you want to take out the product without any mess. I wanted to buy a pump dispenser too but I had to pay INR 1000 extra for it :/ with that amount I might take another foundation from Maybelline :/  I skipped the pump and made up my mind to use the foundation directly just like I use the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. Ok, I am being cheap here I know! :p The cap fits perfectly and the bottle is travel friendly.

Texture: The consistency of foundation is very thick but it spreads quite easily- you only need to be quick in blending as it dries quickly.

MAC STUDIOFIX FLUID FOUNDATION NC 42 REVIEW Shade: Choosing the right M.A.C foundation shade is an art in itself! You just cannot make out the exact shade when you buy online and these is 90% chance that you will get the wrong shade. I suggest you visit a M.A.C store and try the shades for yourself. NC 40 and NC 42 both suited me but I purchased NC 42 since it looked natural and was the exact shade of my skin. NC 40 would make me look fairer but NC 42 was the best choice!- no fake tint or obvious colour difference between face and neck.

Fragrance: If you ask me what is that I don’t like in this foundation, I would say its fragrance. I don’t know what it smells like but it is certainly not pleasant! It won’t bother much as it vanishes once you are done with application.

MAC STUDIOFIX FLUID FOUNDATION NC 42 REVIEW How I use and staying power: I use my PAC mini beauty blender to apply this foundation. I apply a sunscreen underneath, make tiny dots all over my face and quickly blend it out as it dries quickly. Once it sets (it needs to be set meaning my face to dry since I used a beauty blender), it forms a matte finish which looks natural just like your second skin! This shade matches my skin tone so well, you won’t be able to make out if I have applied a foundation or not! So what is the use of wearing this? Well, it hides all my imperfections like spots, tiny blemishes and to some extent light acne scars and gives a smooth flawless finish (that is what we expect from a foundation right?). Face naturally looks smooth and flawless without obvious fake fair tint. I top it up with Maxfactor crème compact powder and I am good to go.

The foundation stays intact all day which i like. No oiliness at all, just natural matte skin. If you have oily skin with blemishes and spots, this foundation will make you look flawless having normal to dry skin type! I always wished to have a normal to dry skin type like my mom, and I can finally look and feel that way with just a foundation.


Travel friendly
Looks totally natural
Matte finish
Controls oil throughout the day
Suitable for normal to oily skin
Wide range of shades available
Medium to full coverage


A bit pricey, but it is worth it I feel
Need to pay separately for a pump dispenser
Dry skinned girls need to use a moisturizer underneath



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