These days everything is going organic like Organic food, tea, beverages, toothpaste and even makeup products which include organic shampoos too. If you have any hair problem like over drying of hair, split ends, hair thinning or hair fall, what is the solution we women have? It is most common and predicated solution we come out with changing the chemical based shampoo with another chemical ingredient. Have you ever wondered about, what is product call that your hair wants? Let’s experience the big change this time, and switch from chemical based to organic base shampoo.


Why use organic shampoos? So what are organic products and most importantly are organic products worth the use, that you clear up the ordinary vanity to fill the space with organic alternative? Let’s check out few facts about organic product so that next time you hit a skin care counter you would surely ask for organic shampoo. When I talk about shampoos, they are completely chemical based with synthesized polymers, silicon’s and various other synthetized chemicals. If the shampoo claims to have aloe Vera extracts as its main ingredient, unfortunately it is not aloe Vera ruling the shampoo base but the artificial chemical and polymers remain the main ingredient. In my words, your shampoo is not enriched with aloe Vera, but surely with harmful and synthesized chemicals. On the other hand, organic based shampoo are made completely with natural ingredients that helps to clean, nourish and provide a good health to your hair. So let’s check out with some eco-friendly shampoo available in the market that is slowly gaining popularity.

John masters Organic Lavender rosemary shampoo: Among the best organic shampoos across the country John masters organic claims for its best results and certified used of organic ingredients. Lavender rosemary oil works on the hair hall and hair breakage problem and provides nourishment to the scalp and roots. It also contains extracts of tea and soya in smaller quantity which keep the hair follicles clean and fortified. Price: 2248 INR for 8fl. Oz.

Orgnaix Coconut Milk shampoo: This is an organic shampoo with a blend of coconut, milk and whipped egg in it. This product is paraben free and can be safely used for colour treated hair. The coconut helps to make your hair soft while milk nourishes the scalp well and deep cleans it. What has the wiped egg to do here? It provides the essentials proteins required by the scalp and hair for better growth. Price: $7.99 for 13 fl. Oz.

Yarok feed your volume shampoo: This Special organic shampoo helps to treat hair thinning and add volume. The shampoo is a blend of natural oils and organic ingredients. Jojoba seed oil, aloe Vera, macadamia nut all three ingredients helps to increase the hair volume and also increase the hair growth. Yorok feed your volume shampoo has claimed to it to be best eco-friendly and organic shampoo available worldwide. Price: $33 for 2.0 fl. oz.

Lemon Grass volume Shampoo: As the name is self-explanatory, the shampoo is filled with extracts of lemon grass. This is a product which can be used by women to volume up their hair and avoid hair thinning too. Lemon grass is extremely useful for your hair as it cleans your scalp completely without leaving it dry. After constant use of Lemon grass volume shampoo you will observe the considerable change in your hair.  Price: $11.99 for 10.15 fl. oz.

Organix Tea Tree mint shampoo: The shampoo is a blend of Australia tea tree oil and mint. It is paraben free and has micro infused pepper mint oil which provides hydration and nourishment to the hair. This shampoo is suitable for all hair type, especially if you have an itchy scalp this is the product you were searching for. Price: $7.39 for 15fl.oz.

Aveeno Baby Organic harvest wash and shampoo: The shampoo calms to be 70% made with certified organic ingredients that are paraben free. Aveeno organic shampoo can be used by individual having sensitive skin and scalp. It also has soap free and tears free formula which is extremely gentle on eye and skin. This shampoo can be used by people with sensitive scalp along with babies. Price: Rs. 1105 for 15fl.oz

Aubrey Organic honeysuckle rose moisturising shampoo: This is ultra hydrating shampoo with infused Rosa mosqueta oil and honey. Rose oil helps to treat dry and brittle hair keeping them well nourished and hydrated always. Honey extracts avoids spilt ends, hair thinning and also control the oil present on the surface of scalp. Aubrey shampoo also have the anti breakage formula which helps to protect your brittle and dry hair from further loss. Price: $10.93 for 11fl.oz.

Miessence Organics: Miessance organic is a product from Australia with lemon myrtle in it. Lemon is the most influential ingredient to get a long, clean and healthy hair. It fights against the entire hair problem and also gives a good blockage formula for dandruff build-up on the hair and can be used by any hair type. Price: $24.70 for 8.5fl.oz

Shea Moisture organic Raw Shea Butter moisture retention shampoo: Do you feel your hair is quite thirty and drenching? Get Shea shampoo the next time when you visit a store. The moisturising shampoo is infused with Shea butter and Argon oil which helps to restore the water content and maintains the nourishing value in hair. Best for dry and damaged hair to keep them healthy, hydrated and strong. Price: 9.99$ for 12fl.oz

Organic Rose Otto shampoo: This is a shampoo mixed with natural and organic ingredient to volumise the thin hair and keeps them revitalising too. The Organic shampoo contains aloe Vera, rose Otto oil, vitamin C and clove oil as its main ingredient. Aloe Vera nourishes the hair while rose Otto oil helps to pump up the hair volume making it look volumising and healthy. Vitamin C and clove oil keeps the scalp away from any fungal or anti-bacterial activity. Price: $15 for 265 ml

Avlon Organic Clarifying shampoo: Avlon organic is a clarifying shampoo with lemon and Shea butter. Can be used for all types of hair for best results. It aims at cleaning your hair follicles and scalp thoroughly. The blend of lemon and Shea butter has the strong ability to pull out the dirt accumulated on the scalp and also treats the dandruff. Price: $10.50 for 11fl.oz.

Ever straight Brazilian keratin therapy shampoo: This is sodium and sulphate free shampoo with Cocoa nut oil along with keratin, cocoa butter and avocado oil are the main ingredients. Organic Avocado oil and cocoa butter smoothes the hair for straight and shiny hair. Cocoa butter adds a lustrous shine and gloss to the hair, where cocoa nut along with keratin helps to strengthen them. Suitable for any to treat any type of frizz or frustrating hair. Price : 9.84 for 24fl.oz