Pumice stone is a key instrument in the world of beauty, especially foot care and pedicures. This petite slab of light and toughened lava foam is excellent for sloughing off dry dead skin cells from rough areas of the body prone to heavy leathery skin build-up, like feet, knees and elbows. But did you know that a pumice stone can also be used for a gamut of other purposes, besides exfoliation? Read to know the common as well as the uncommon uses of pumice stone.

USES OF PUMICE STONEUsual use of pumice stone: skin exfoliation

Fill a tub with trepid and soapy water. Soak your feet (or for that matter, the target area) for about ten minutes. Skin becomes softened. You may also add a few drops of baby oil or olive oil for extra softening properties. Dunk the pumice stone in the lukewarm water and rub it on the rough patch of skin, lightly and gently. Use circular motions while rubbing your skin and make sure that you do not put a lot of pressure. In 3 or 4 minutes, smooth layer of skin is revealed. Rinse your feet thoroughly and pat it dry. Smother your skin with rich and nourishing cream. Feet feel soft and smooth.

Unusual uses of pumice stone The use of pumice stone can surely be extended beyond the world of pedicures. So what are the rare and uncommon uses of a pumice stone? Here they are:

  • Scrub stubborn deposits clean: What can be more stubborn than those mineral deposits around your toilet bowl or that slimy layer of leftover food in the rack of your oven? Well, you can always scrub them clean with the help of a pumice stone. The best part is that a pumice stone will not leave any scratch on the surface.
  • Remove dog hair from car seat: Who doesn’t love pets? Of course, you too love your dog and you enjoy every moment you spend with him. But each time you take him out in the back seat of your car, dog hair scatters all over of cushions. Now, that is definitely not desired! Did you know that a pumice stone is excellent for doing away with dog hair from the seats of your car? So, next time you take your dog in your car, you need not worry about dog hair! Similarly, you can get rid of dog hair from carpets and floor mats too.
  • De-pill your sweater: All you need to do is to rub a good quality pumice stone across the areas where your sweater is pilling. After that, a lint roller may be used for picking the pills up.
  • Hair removal: Pumice stone can be safely used for hair removal, though not for facial hair removal. While trying it out for the first time, start with your legs. Let your legs as well as the pumice stone be soaked in trepid water. Apply mild shampoo on your legs. Rub the pumice stone gently with circular motions. Do it for 2-3 minutes, once in every 3 days. With this hair removal method, you need to be patient. Also, it may not work if you have a heavy growth of coarse body hair.

The uses of pumice stone are varied. Use it to your advantage and reap its best benefits!

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