Washing your face is the part and parcel of life. It is like brushing your teeth, a daily routine from which you cannot refrain.  Cleansing your face in the right manner is sufficient to give you that glowing radiance on your skin. But in the hustle and buzzles of life, you avoid this and run after those costly beauty products to enhance your looks. Tune in right here to know how to wash your face the right way!


  1. Use clean hands

Always ensure that your hands are clean before you wash your face. Wash your hands using a mild soap free cleanser to remove any or all grease and dirt that is stuck to your hands. This will ensure that you are not clogging your pores, paving way to eruptions and acne.

  1. Say ‘No’ To Hot Water

Warm, but not hot. Warm water is good for washing your face as it opens up the pores and washes off the dirt. On the other hand, using hot water can prove to be harsh on all variants of skin. It can lead to breakouts and dryness. Washing with warm water helps in loosening the dirt and results in better cleansing.

  1. Go For A Soap Free Cleanser

Choose a soap free cleanser that is gentle and pH balanced. Opt for the cleanser as recommended for your skin texture. Oily skin responds well to gel based cleansers while foamy cleansers work well for dry skins. Avoid dirt cleansers as they tend to strip the natural oils present in your skin originally.

  1. Lather It Up

As soon as you dampen your face and apply your cleanser, lather up. Spread the cleanser on your face in gentle circular motions using your fingertips. Start from the centre of the face and move outwards, repeating the circular motions.

  1. T-Zone Should Always Be The High Priority Area

Concentrate more on your T- zone – the forehead and nose regions. These areas are more susceptible to oil concentrations than other regions. While lathering, massage the T- zone for adequate amount of time.

  1. Massage Thoroughly

Spend time in massaging your face while cleansing. Massage for at least 30 seconds. Massaging increases the blood circulation which will enable better cleansing, thus revealing a nourished skin.

  1. Wipe It Off With Soft Towels

Once you are done with your cleans, your skin needs thorough wiping. Use soft and mushy towels or muslin cloth to pat your face dry. Avoid scratching your face with rugged towels. It can strip off the existing moisture of the skin. Tap your face dry with a clean towel.

You need to attain a balance while washing your face. Incorporate all these tricks into your regular skin care routine and get ready to have a perfect refreshing face wash. As you know the facts now, open the tap and get a flawless skin.