How to Trim Your Own Hair at home

What will you do when you need urgent trimming of your dry ends? You need to attend a function but you cannot visit a salon? This can be your scariest nightmare but learning few tricks and tips to trim own hair at home can actually help you out.

“It’s better to arrive late then to arrive ugly”… Have you heard of this quote? You should learn the basics of trimming hair on your own for emergency situations.

How to Trim Your Own Hair at home

Gather Tools: Before you begin the trimming process it’s essential to get all the products handy. Obviously you don’t want to look for tools after starting. A wide-tooth comb and sharp scissor is what you’ll need.

Don’t Cut Short: Decide the length you would like to cut your hair and cut it a bit less than what you’ve decided. This is a better way to trim as you can easily go back and cut again but you cannot do anything if you cut your hair too short, right? So, leave them longer than you want for obvious reasons.

Don’t Wet: Cut your hair while it’s dry instead of wetting them. Most stylists agree and advice that cutting dry hair is way easier and better.

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Split Ends: Trimming split ends is the very easy and I usually do it at home only but yea it is time consuming process. Take one-inch of your hair section and keep twisting it with your index finger and thumb. Hold it tightly from bottom and slide your other hand’s index finger and thumb in upward direction on the twisted strand. By sliding your finger, the split ends will splay away and you can easily see the unwanted hair. Cut the split ends that are sticking out. Repeat it for all strands, yes it’s time consuming but it works.

Bangs: To cut bangs section your hair and comb them in front on forehead. Now decide the length using your left hand fingers. After deciding the length move your fingers downward 1 more inch to cut longer than your desire for obvious reasons. Now, point the end of scissor towards the ceiling, not straight for a more natural and softer look. Straight bangs are out of fashion.

Ask For Help: Have a companion by your side when you’re doing this self-trimming. No, don’t ask him for help but it’s good to have a second opinion. Ask your friend that the length is okay, its look good etc. This will also give you confidence.

Don’t go fancy: You can only cut your hair straight at home, don’t even try to cut in layers or angles as it can damage your look. Cutting fancy requires special techniques so leave it to the professionals only. You just trim them straight and split ends.