Are you a jewelry junkie? Then traveling can be really a tricky task for you because you don’t want to travel; without your jewelry box and carrying all of them together is not a good idea. If you are looking for some jewelry tips and trick while traveling then this post is for you. Obviously you don’t want to open your luggage and see that all your necklaces and earrings are mixed in together and tangled in a mess. Here are some super easy and quick packing tips which will surely help you:


Storing earrings can be a big hassle because finding the matching pairs can be troublesome. The best and easiest way to store your earrings is using “Button”. Just take one medium-sized button and put the ear wires through the button’s hole. Storing earring this way will not only save your time in searching the right pair but it will also take less space then an earring box.

Stuff Socks:

If you’re low on packing space then stuff your socks with sturdy jewelry item and trust me it will save you oodles of space. It may sound awkward but you can store your earrings, rings and small necklace in socks and you can store them in-between your clothes.

Sunglass Case:

Toss your earrings, nose pins, rings and other jewelry items in a slim sunglass case so you don’t lose them. Carrying a pouch or box is not ideal while traveling because they’ll take more space than a sunglass case. Choose a rigid case so that your fragile jewelry is secured.


To prevent your jewelry from tangling you just need a “drinking straw”. This tip works great for necklaces with thin chains. Take one end of your jewelry and put it inside the straw hole so that it comes out from the other end. Close the hook of your necklace once you’ve threaded it inside the straw and tada you’re done. This tip will keep your necklaces in order and untangled which will save your holiday-time.

Zip-Lock Bags:

To store your statement necklaces the best way is to use “zip-lock bags”. Yes, such bags are not only useful for food storage but they are equally essential while organizing jewelry. Before throwing your jewelry in your travel bag, secure them in a zip-lock bag to avoid tangling and these bags can be stored easily between your clothing items taking very less space than big jewelry boxes.