HOW TO TAKE CARE OF ACNE PRONE SKINIf you’ve acne prone skin then I can understand your constant fight with your skin to keep it acne-free. It’s not true that acne can only be cured by visiting a Dermatologist. If you’ll take care of your skin properly then you can prevent these little monsters easily. Here are some tips to take care of acne-prone skin.

Quality Cleanser:

Dirt, dust, pollution etc. can literally sit on your skin if you don’t wash your face after coming back home from outside. So, investing in a good quality cleanser is the first step towards acne-free skin. Use something mild if you’ve sensitive skin and go for “salicylic acid” based cleaner if you’ve oily skin. Don’t use cleaners more than two times a day because they have chemicals too. Homemade face wash for acne >>


Acne occurs due to unbalance pH level and to balance it you need to use a good quality toner. A face cleanser can mess up your skin’s pH level so to bring it back to normal a toner should be used within 5 minutes of face-wash. It will not only maintain the pH level but will also remove any traces of dirt, makeup and will also tighten pores. DIY natural homemade toner for acne prone skin.

Mild Scrubbing:

Exfoliation is a must for all skin types because it helps in removing dead skin cells from the skin surface. To prevent acne you should mild scrub your face at least once a week so that the pores are clogged and deep-cleansed. Skip using harsh scrubs because that can lead to dry and damaged skin. Always use a mild scrub and scrub only using your fingertips.


It’s a myth that people with oily acne-prone skin can skip using a moisturizer but the truth is exact opposite. Failing to moisturize your skin will only increase your acne so never-ever skip using a moisturizer. Always go for oil-free moisturizers which are specially made for your skin type. If you’re not comfortable using cream then you can go for gel-based moisturizers too.

Carefully Choose Makeup Products:

Avoid using products that have creamy or consistency because they can lead to clogged pores and they’ll not allow your skin to breathe. If mineral based products suit your skin-type then definitely you should go for such products.

Makeup Remover is Mandatory:

If you love using makeup then make “makeup remover” your best friend. Because sleeping with makeup on will not only make your skin look dull but can also lead to clogged pores and acne. Choose a makeup remover according to your skin-type which not only takes off everything in one swoop but also doesn’t clog-pores.

Look into the Ingredient List:

It’s believed that “Noncomedogenic” products won’t clog pores but it isn’t completely true, so don’t fall for these claims. Always look go for oil-free products. Ingredients like silica, salicylic acid, clay, tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide etc. work best for can-prone skin.

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