Applying lipstick in itself is art that every girl wants to know about. You can be very creative and artistic with your lipstick that can give you a long-lasting look. Hug your lipstick so well that it gives you fuller and attractive lips that would last long. On my side I would say, I apply lipstick, rush for my party and come back dancing, now what I see is my lips are dry and the lipstick has fallen out of lip lines.

Yew! A messy look! In order to make your lipstick last longer, you should know about varies tricks that will help you to hold your lipstick comfortably over your party. If tricks can increase the life of your lipstick, that what is harm in it? And what we waiting for? Let’s check some tricks that will help you to maintain the lipstick for a longer period of time.

HOW TO MAKE LIPSTICK LAST LONGERUse of tissue paper: Before you start applying lipstick, dab a tissue paper between your lips so that the excess oil content is absorbed by the tissue paper. Lipsticks don’t work well on oily and chapped lips. You can also use some baby powder before you apply lipstick, so that it holds your lip colour well.

Moisturize your lips: You should never use gloss before you apply lipstick. Lip glosses are only for those ladies who don’t plan for lipstick. No doubt it protects your lips from sun rays, keeps your lip moisturised but your lipstick don’t work well on gloss. It happens to fall out of lips because of essentials oil content in gloss. Instead you can use lip balm which will hold your lipstick well and keep moisturised.

Use a lip liner: Lip liner is must before your apply lipstick. Start from the centre of your lips and be careful towards the edges. Lip liner makes you lipstick long last and also gives an intensified look. Lipstick and lip liner contains the same ingredient but the difference falls that lip liner comes in a pencil form and lipstick in a sticky form. Use the same shade of liner with lipstick.

Blot your lipstick: After applying your lipstick, blot the colour on your lips. Use a tissue paper and dab it over your lips and reapply the lipstick again. Tissue paper will remove the excess lipstick and also gives a good coverage over lips.

Choose a long-lasting lipstick: There are many lipstick that comes with a long-lasting formula, choose them. Mostly they are expensive than the rest normal lipsticks but worth the price. Most of the long-lasting lipstick contains silicon as the main ingredient. Silicon provides a thick layer of protection on lips and is not absorbed by oil or sweat. They hold the colour on your lips well.

Foundation: Once you have done with applying lipstick with the same shade lip liner, use some foundation on your lips. Apply foundation on your lips with the help of a natural hair foundation or lip brush. The foundation will help your lipstick stay longer and would also remove the oil content left on the lips.

Applying gloss: Apply gloss sparingly on your lips after applying lipstick. Do not over apply the gloss as they seem to dilute the colour of your lips and there are chances that your lipstick falls out .If you choose silicon-based lip gloss, it will give a shine to your lips and also hold the colour well.