Hello beautiful ladies, I hope you all are doing well in this scorching sun today my post is about the various types of skirts which we aren’t aware of. If you think skirts are type of outfit that can be worn only on dates or beeches, you are wrong. There are different types of skirts for different occasion. I have compiled 10 skirts for 10 occasions and our Bollywood divas have accepted this trend and rocked the skirts in their own way. If you are bored with jeans and those boring outfits, rush down the line and get your wardrobe stuffed with different types of skirts for differ occasions. Skirts are the hottest pick the summer season and you can surely rock the place with your style and new trend.


  1. Maxi skirts

Maxi dresses and skirts are the latest trend that has successfully found its place in the wardrobe of a perfect fashionista. Bored with those boring fringes top don’t worry you can pair a maxi skirt with a crop top too. Maxi skirt can be worn for city walks or town hauling and are usually long in length.

  1. Denim skirt

Denim shirts and denim skirts are always a cool hit for any function. You can wear denim skirts where you have planned for a get together or when you are in shopping mode. They are quite comfortable and go well with a good combined bright coloured top.

  1. Pencil skirts

If you have a perfect shaped body, than your body is calling for a pencil skirts. These skirts are body hugging outfits which looks extremely trendy and on-going fashion. You can wear a formal shirt with pencil skirts even for job interviews.

  1. Skater skirts

Skater skirts still continues to be an on-going trend this summer, skater skirts are usually short length skirts which are mostly above the knee. You can pair it with a crop top or with simple tees. Skater skirts are mostly cute and girly in look.

  1. Silt skirts

They are long length skirt and they really really need a daring to carry this skirt with you.

  1. Mini skirts

Got sexy legs and flaunt it off perfectly, than Miniskirts are meant for you. These are among the evergreen trend worn by every girl and are mostly found in every girls wardrobe. Miniskirts can be worn when you have a weekend trip or may be night girls’ parties

  1. Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are usually low waist skirts and are worn in traditional parties or wedding. They are a part of Indian traditional wears and are usually long in trend. It gives more over a lehenga look, you can accessories it well.

  1. Leather skirts

Tell me a girl who doesn’t fall for leather outfits. Leather jacks and leather skirts are really good and perfect for a city day out. You can pair them with a shirt or a leather jacket to get a perfect chick look in your city.

  1. Asymmetrical skirts

Asymmetrical skirts are a combination of casual and party wear skirts too. You can just add bold colour top to it to get a perfect trendy look. If you are confused what to wear for a birthday party or girl get together, get this worn.

  1. Bodycorn skirts

You really need to have that sexy body to carry this outfit properly. Bodycorn skirts are usually worn by sexy business ladies in their office parties. Put on your high heels and a simple clutch to complete the outfit.

Hope you all found the post uselful and would enjoy the skirt trends in summer. Have a nice day people 🙂

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