How to Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh

How to Keep Your Wardrobe FreshWe all at some point of time suffered from dampness or bad odour in our closet, especially in humid weather or rainy season! So here I am sharing some tricks to keep your wardrobe fresh and makes your clothes smell amazing.

Clean up- Most important part to keep your closet fresh is to clean it up regularly. There maybe a lot of clothes, socks or lingerie in the wardrobe which you no more use, so make it a habit to clean up the space to make room for new clothes.

Use vacuum cleaner– use vacuum cleaner to clean the wardrobe as it will clean the corners which you cannot reach. Wipe off the walls of the wardrobe with a dry piece of cloth.


Culprit shoes- If you store your shoes in your closet it is quite obvious to generate bad odor. The best remedy you can do is to keep them in a shoe rack.

Change those socks– Don’t store old socks in the closet even though you wash them. The fabric of the old socks get weak and allows growth of bacteria very easily. Wash them after every single use to maintain the hygiene.

Use inexpensive smell absorber– Baking soda, white vinegar etc are quite good in absorbing bad smell and make your wardrobe odor free naturally. You can store them in a leak-proof container with 3-4 very small holes at the lid.

Don’t store used and unwashed cloths– wash the used clothes before stocking them again in the closet as it can be one of the main reasons to dampen your wardrobe. Dry them thoroughly after wash and store.

Use bottles of used perfume or body spray- This really works well when it comes to keep wardrobe fresh. Keep a little amount of body spray or perfume in the container when it is going to get over and keep the bottle inside the wardrobe keeping the lid open. It really works!

Giveaway– if you are really bored of your old clothes and shoes and planning to never use them again please don’t stock them in the closet. Instead you can give away to them who are in need.

Allow your wardrobe to breath– Allow your wardrobe to pass some fresh air inside as it is always kept locked. When you are present at your room, open the doors and allow your wardrobe to breath!