Hello readers J we all love eating fruits and veggies considering their health benefits. We throw their skins after consuming the pulp. But hey, next time make sure you think twice before throwing away the precious peels! They are of immense use! Various fruit and vegetable peels are known for their beauty benefits. Read below to know which peel works for us and in what way:


ORANGE PEEL: Orange peels work wonders for skin. They can be used in both powdered or pulp form. The orange peels can be sundried and powdered in grinder or a paste can be made of the peels without drying. Powdered orange peel can be stored in air tight container whereas peel pulp need to be used immediately. They can be mixed with milk and applied on face as a face mask. It reduces tan and gives a healthy glow with regular usage.

LEMON PEEL: Lemon peel can be grinded and mixed with rose water. This mixture can be applied on face and underarms as whitening treatmet. It also helps in removing blemishes and marks from face. Lemon peels can also be rubbed on nails to remove stains.

APPLE PEEL: Apple peels can be dried and grinded to make fine powder. This powder can be mixed with rose water and lemon juice and can be rubbed on face, hands and legs to remove tan; it also acts as an excellent body and facial scrub. This mixture is also known to oxygenate the skin.

POMEGRANATE PEEL: Pomegranate peel is an excellent homemade scrub. This peel powder can be mixed with any pack and used as a body scrub. Dried pomegranate peel can be lemo or rose water to apply as a face pack. It helps to soothe acne and remove blackhead and whiteheads.

BANANA PEEL: Banana peels can be mashed and mixed with milk to be used as a face mask. It can also be used without milk. Let it dry and remove with gentle scrubbing. This will remove all dead skin cells exposing radiant skin. It also oxygenates skin, and has anti-aging properties.

PAPAYA PEEL: Papaya peel can be used as an intense hydrating treatment in winters. Take some dried papaya peels and make powder. Add 2-3 drops of glycerine and rose water to 1 spoon of powder and apply all over face and neck. Wash after 15 minutes to reveal soft hydrated skin. This mask will make all the dry flaky skin disappear!

POTATO PEEL: Potato skin acts as a natural remedy for oily skin. Just rub the fleshy part of potato peel on face for 5 minutes and let it dry for additional 15 minutes. Wash off with gentle circular movements. Peel paste can also be rubbed on hands and legs for that natural glow.

BOTTLE GOURD PEEL: Bottle gourd peel can be rubbed on face to get that natural glow. It can also be used to beat the heat! It acts as a natural coolant. Bottle gourd peel paste can also be used as natural face scrub.

Why not go the natural way instead of spending loads of bucks on salon treatments with additional side effects of chemical products? These peels are an inexpensive way to get the desired effect! Besides, the give long term effects if used religiously.