How to keep body odour at bay

How to keep body odour at bayHave you ever wondered that smell released from a person’s body can actually affect his personality and improve his impression? But at the same time, if you are a person who suffers lots of perspiration along with stinky smell released from the body, you need to treat them and just not leave the condition. Although we have many commercial body mists and perfume which helps to overcome this problem, but don’t you feel to naturally be odour free every time? Here are few trips which would help you to keep body smell at bay.

Bathing regularly: The most important benefits of getting a shower is it keeps the bacteria away which results in less release of odour. You should always use an antiseptic or anti-bacterial soap to clean your skin so that the bacteria breeding on the body is killed completely. Concentrate more on areas like armpits and feet’s which can release a strong awful smell. It is also important to pat dry your skin after bathing, as the bacteria tends to multiply in damp places.

Use a anti bacteria soap: As mentioned before, always use anti-bacterial soap which you are well versed with your body condition. Anti-bacterial soap helps to clean your body thoroughly and also creates an unfavourable condition for the bacteria to grow there. Once a single bacterium comes in contact with the skin which is a moist in condition, it tends to multiply rapidly and leads to an awful swell. This is the reason, why your body realises odour from the part you sweat more.

Use of deodorants and antiperspirant: We are blesses with wide range of deodorants and anti perspirant in the market, which should be used regularly once you have completely dried your body after bathing. Anti perspirant contains aluminium chloride which helps to reduce the sweating on the skin and also kills to bacteria. Use deodorants and antiperspirants twice or thrice a day- morning, noon and evening.

Use of vinegar: Vinegar is a liquid which helps to control the sweat and also kill the bacteria and fungi growing on the body. Just take little of vinegar and apply it to the parts where you tend to sweat more – most of them have stinky armpits and feet’s.

Fabrics: Choosing the fabrics to be worn is also important. Wearing loose and perfect fabric cloth is the key to be sweat free. Wear fabrics which are natural and soft like silk or cotton. The texture allows the body to breathe freely which keeps your body dry and cool. Dry places are not among the forte of bacteria to grow.

Change your diet: Yes, diet do affects your body which results in release of awful smell from the body. Limit to foods like garlic, onions and any caffeine drinks. Try to include green supplements in the diet which keeps your body health, strong and odour free.

Use a mouth wash: Using a mouth wash is must; if you tend you release a bad smell from mouth. Bad breath can be as embarrassing as an awful odour released from the body. Consumption of garlic, onions and other odour releasing diets can be the reason for bad breath.

Here we brought you few simple tricks which would help to keep the body smell at bay. Have a happy masons.

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