How to Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

Anyone can do scalp massage at home. It helps to calm your senses, relaxes the body and helps in healthy hair growth. However, getting a scalp massage done in saloons does not cost much, but you can do it on your own even at home. All you need to have is natural beautifying oil enriched with any natural herb. You may choose any oil from the list of best hair oils. The type of oil to be used depends upon the texture of the hair and what is a need.

How to Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

Massaging your hair at home is easy and here we bring you a complete guide on how to massage your scalp at home.

Step 1: Loosen your hair completely and remove all the pins, bands and scrunches which you usually use to secure your hair. If you are wearing a high pony tail or a braided style, you can still give a scalp massage without destroying them.

Step 2: Make six to eight strands of hair stresses on the scalp, so that each and every hair tresses is nourished properly. If you are not able to do this physically, divide the scalp mentally so you can start oiling them one by one. Make sure you start oiling from the hair roots and you cover them all one by one.

Step 3: Using the fingertips start massaging your scalp and make sure you oil them deep from the roots. Don’t press hard on the scalp but apply a firm pressure on the scalp and slowly rotate it on the scalp overall.

Step 4: Don’t forget the hair near your ear, so it is essential to work back on the hair strands. Massage your hair in the back direction so that the dry and dull ends are oiled properly and you feel relaxed too.

Step 5: Focus on one part while oiling and slowly proceed covering the whole of the scalp. Do not forget to apply a firm pressure over your scalp and not hair. This is a scalp massage, so keep your fingertips on the scalp and then start massaging it slowly.

Step 6: Continue the massage for some time and enjoy the relaxation you get. It is advised to let the oil stay up to few hours, so that it gets deeper into the scalp and also replaces the damages cells and tissue. After getting a scalp massage you are sure to get rid of scaly and flaky layer of skin over the scalp.

If you feel any sort of irritation after scalp massage doesn’t do it for next few days and it may be the time to change the oil. Sometimes, oil used during the scalp massage may be responsible for itching and sensitive scalp. Getting a scalp massage at home is pretty simple. So, when did you decide to take a scalp massage at home?

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