In India, any festival and marriage is incomplete without “Mehendi application” because it’s a part of our tradition. Mehendi not only looks beautiful and adds to the glow of the bride but there are many superstitions about it too. It’s said that “the darker the Mehendi, the more your husband will love you”. Of course it’s just a superstitious and there are many more stuff people say about this Mehendi-application which we are not going to discuss. We are going to discuss some tips and tricks to make the color of Mehendi darker because the “darker the better”.

HOW TO GET DARK MEHENDI-TIPS AND TRICKSVicks Vapor Rub: Once the Mehendi is dried and flaked off, simply apply some Vicks vapor rub all over your hand. Apply it just like you’re applying any hand lotion and Make sure the Mehendi is covered completely with the balm. The menthol present in Vicks helps in darkening the Mehendi color. Sleep with Vicks applied and you’ll wake up with dark beautiful color on your hands.

Lemon-Sugar Mixture: After your Mehendi is dried, you can apply lemon-sugar mixture so that it doesn’t start flaking off. Take one lemon juice in a bowl and add sugar in it. Warm up this mixture little bit and with the help of cotton apply it all over your Mehendi design. The idea behind applying this sugary syrup is so that the Mehendi can stick on to your hand for little more and can leave better color. After 15 minutes when the mixture will be dried, apply mustard oil to get rid of the sticky feeling.

Cloves: Heating some cloves on a stove. Keep your hands few inches away from the stove and allow the smoke of the clove to reach your Mehendi. I don’t know what theory it is but this trick has actually worked for many brides to darken their bridal Mehendi design. The smoke of the clove is very beneficial and you can also use clove oil if it’s handy.

Wrap Up: After you are done with Mehendi application and going to sleep simply wear gloves and then sleep. The “warm therapy” is also considered beneficial for making the Mehendi color darker. Wearing gloves/socks will keep your hands and feet warmer that will help in darkening the color. You can also use any oil and then wrap up your Mehendi design for nourishment.

Some Tips:

  • Make sure your hands are clean without any traces of lotions and oil because such products can be barrier in between your hand and Mehendi.
  • Eat food and visit the toilet before applying Mehendi, otherwise it can be messy afterwards.
  • Take a bath before your Mehendi application starts so that you can delay your next bath for as long as you want.
  • If you want to take bath then wear gloves.
  • Avoid waxing after applying Mehendi instead shave before because wax may scrape off the upper layer of your skin.
  • Don’t use blow dryer to dry the Mehendi design because it can ruin the design and the color even more.
  • Don’t sit under the sun while applying henna/Mehendi.