HOW TO DO HOT OIL MANICURE?Everyday your hands touch many things which may contain bacteria or anything bad and so to stay clean you often wash them many times a day, don’t you? And these harsh chemicals of soap or hand wash keep drying your hands further. But unfortunately you can’t skip washing hands since it is necessary.

However, to restore the moisture you keep moisturizing every time you wash your hands. But are your nails still feel dry and flaky? Are they brittle? Why is so and what can you do to cure them? You opt for good manicure process and do it religiously at least twice a month to keep your hands clean but does it nourish your hands and nails? You need to apply a good hands cream every time you undergo through manicure process.

Today here is something called hot oil manicure that nourishes hands and nails well. Usually manicure means one single process of soaking hands in water, getting rid of dead skin and moisturizing hands. But have you checked for various methods of manicure before? Have you heard of hot oil manicure yet? If no, then let us check it out here today and see the benefits of it and the procedure.

What Is Hot Oil Manicure?

This is a relaxing and quite luxurious way of treating hands, nails and your cuticles. This treatment is well suited to those with brittle and flaky nails. It provides all the benefits of hot oil providing good nourishment. You can find this treatment in high end spas which costs much but it is worth the price. However here I’m giving a DIY substitute that doesn’t cost you so much and yet get all the benefits at your own house. This will definitely cure the brittle and flaky nails if you do tis manicure once a week. Those with such nail problems are recommended to treat nails with oil. Other than this manicure you can also apply oil to your nails regularly to nourish them.

How To Do Hot Oil manicure At Home?

The steps are quite easy and the process is affordable one as well.

  1. Choose which oil you want to use for your nails. You can choose olive oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil, castor oil or a mixture of these oils.
  2. Warm the oil for 30 seconds and make sure it’s not too hot. You can also add essential oil to it if you want.
  3. Wash your hands and file the nails and shape them as desired.
  4. Dip hands in it and keep it till the oil cools down. You can also re-heat it and dip you’re your hands again in it but do not repeat more than twice else you’ll burn your hands.
  5. Now take your hands out and massage them well. Massage the nail beds, cuticles and nail edges properly. Do it quite some time so that your nails absorb it well.
  6. Now wash your hands with water and wipe off with a towel.
  7. Now push the cuticles and remove dead skin cells as usual.
  8. Leave your nails so without applying nail polish for one day and let them enjoy this.
  9. You can apply nail paint if you want to but at least leave it bare till the oil goes off completely or leave it for an hour.
  10. Instead of doing this process in the day time, try doing it in the evening or few hours before your bed time so that your hands don’t have to touch anything dirty so soon. After the process you just have to go to bed.

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