How To Cover Dark Circles With A Red lipstick

Dark circles under the eye is an issue that all of us suffer at one point or the other. Stress, hereditary etc- the reasons are plenty likewise the solutions too. There are several home remedies that works wonders to lighten the dark circles however a quick fix is what we all need to rescue us from an emergency situation to hide dark circles.

Makeup does help in achieving that and while talking about makeup, it is the concealer that comes into our mind but the fact is that most the time a concealer leaves a white circle under the eyes. We need to even out the skintone and match the undereye skintone to that of the entire face and most of the time a concealer fails to do that.

How To Cover Dark Circles With A Orange Lipstick or Red lipstick

A corrector is what you need to get your hands on if you have serious dark circles issue. An orange/red corrector needs to be used prior to the concealer. This will neutralize the dark circles and when concealer is applied on it, the dark circles vanish almost miraculously. Don’t worry if you do not have a corrector, all you need is an orange lipstick or a red lipstick. If you have one of these hang on as I will tell you step by step procedure of hiding your dark circles.

How To Cover Dark Circles With A Red lipstick


  1. First of all start off on a clean face. Apply moisturizer and primer.
  2. Take the orange corrector/orange lipstick/red lipstick and apply it around the eyes wherever there is the dark shadow. Apply the corrector sparingly and in dots so that the measurement is in your control.
  3. Gently spread it around the area and blend it well. Blend it with a beauty blender or ring finger.
  4. Next apply your regular concealer under the eyes and wherever you have applied the corrector and blend it well.
  5. Lock the concealer by dabbing some compact powder on it.
  6. That’s it your dark circles will vanish.

The one thing that I love about this procedure is that it is super easy and the results are amazing. It looks absolutely natural. It just blends into your skin and everything looks even. Use the concealer sparingly always especially during the daytime to get a natural look. I have used very little product as I wanted a very natural look and not an overdone concealer look. In this picture you can hardly say I have used 2 products under my eyes.

The same technique can be used to cover pigmentation around the mouth or wherever you want. Note that the corrector always needs to be a creamy one, that is the reason a lipstick works well as a corrector.

You can avoid the concealer step if you do not have too much issue with regards to dark circles. Just apply the orange corrector and continue with your foundation step. Hope you all enjoyed this beauty hack that can save your day.