A ring is the most prized possession that adores our finger. The silver and gold rings are the most preferred ones. There are many traditional beliefs associated when one wears a ring. Thus, these rings must be cleaned on time to maintain the glow and charm.The imitation rings also add beauty to our personality.

One has to be very careful while cleaning them as a single error can take away the look of the ring. If you are wearing a diamond ring, it is highly impossible to take it out often, clean it and wear it again. These rings must be cleaned once in 6 months to maintain the shine of it. Here are few of the solutions that can help you to clean your finger rings:

Soaking the ring:

It is better to soak a ring than to directly clean it. You can take a mild soap and add water to it. Form the bubbles and leave the ring in it. You can also use the dishwashing liquid if you do not want to take hassle. Take the water and the liquid in same portion. Soak your ring for few minutes.

Remove dirt:

There could be diny dirt particles attached to the inner side of the ring. This slowly starts looking prompt and stinking. It is better to clean it off once in a while. When you have soaked the ring, the dirt will loosen up and it will be easy to ward it off. Take an old toothbrush which has soft bristles. The hard bristles will leave scratches on the rings. Hold it firmly with your fingers and use the liquid to clean it completely.

Rinsing the ring:

Removing dirt doesn’t mean the ring is completely clean. Soak the ring once again in the liquid for few minutes. Now take lukewarm water in a clean container. Place your ring in it. Use a clean brush with soft bristles to cleanse it completely. Rub the brush all across the ring. Do not give too much force on the ring. Dip the ring again in water and cleanse it completely.

Drying the ring:

It is one of the most important step in maintaining the shine of your ring. Always use a clean blot cloth to dry your ring. You can also use a cotton ball to absorb the excess water. Do not rub on your dress or leave it to dry in Sun. Remember, it is diamond and diamonds do matter. Even if the ring is of silver or gold, one cannot afford to lose them. Thus, take the dry cloth and wipe off the ring slowly. Allow all the water drops to be absorbed by the cloth completely. Wear it once it dries off completely. If you are planning to keep it in a safe, use cotton to place the ring. Cover the ring with the cotton and place in a jewellery box.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Handling your ring is a tedious task and it must be handled carefully. Be it silver, gold, diamond or an artificial ring, they are always special to us. They are a symbol of love and respect. An engagement ring is the most precious thing for a woman. Thus, we have our memories associated with it. We cannot leave it dirty or unclean. Follow these simple tips and keep your rings clean. You can also get it polished sometimes. Do share your feedback with us. Let us know if you are aware of other ways of cleaning the ring effortlessly.