Homemade Honey Cleanser for Clear, soft skin

Looking for an organic way to make your skin beautiful?? Use honey as your daily cleanser for clear, healthy skin.  Honey is a great natural skin care product and works extremely well on all skin types as a cleanser, moisturiser and face mask to give you a clear, glowing and moisturised skin. Due to the amazing benefits of honey it has been found in a lot of skin care as well as hair care products.

Homemade Honey Cleanser for Clear, soft skin

To make a natural homemade cleanser you will need:

  •  3 tbsp of raw honey
  • Few drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil. (Optional)

Direction : 

Mix all the above ingredients together in a bowl, pour it in a container and refrigerate it. Slater the honey cleanser all over your face, gentle massage it into your skin with your finger tips.

Leave it on for few mins and rinse off with warm water. You can use it as a scrub, mix honey with fine sugar for a natural homemade scrub. Rub it on the skin and rinse off for softer skin.


The enzymes in raw honey clarifies the skin and deep clean pores for clear skin. Plus, the antibacterial properties of essential oil prevents bacterial buildup that can lead to breakouts.

Homemade Honey Cleanser for Clear, soft skin

Caution – patch test before use.

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