Home gym is a latest trend now. Those who have no time to go all the way to the gym, can build their own gym at home; and this does not mean creating a huge gym, just grab the required equipment/gym essentials and place them at appropriate places in your home or maybe your bedroom and you are done! If you want a proper gym room,  maybe you can convert your guest room or garage to gym room. Ok, so now that you have made up your mind to make your own gym and ditched the god-for-nothing expensive gym near your house, let’s get started! Here is a list of equipment and/or essentials for your home gym:


Stability ball or swiss ball is used to create an unstable surface which is opposite of the flat hard surface and makes you burn more calories by attempting to remain straight and stable while working out on it. Stability ball challenges your core and helps you improve your balance and co-ordination. When used alone, it can also be used to create a six pack. Stability ball is excellent for abs and for pregnant ladies who do stretching exercises.


You can do a number of exercises using dumbbells like toning the arms, legs, strengthening shoulders etc. The exercises you can do with dumbbells are seemingly endless so they justify their purchase immediately. Purchase 3-4 sets in different weights that can be used for different exercises. Also, look for hex shaped dumbbells that have a rubber coating- these last longer and also give a good grip.


A yoga mat or pilates mat is essential, be it your home gym or professional regular gym. Working out does include exercises that need lying on the floor or doing just standing exercises and yoga or pilates mat comes handy. It gives you a fractioned surface that will prevent you from slipping and provide cushion and protection to your joints.


Skipping rope looks easy but is harder and is a fantastic cardio. If you haven’t tried it in your childhood, chances are you will find it a bit difficult to use, but will get used to it with practise. If you are a beginner, just get a durable rope and don’t worry about details. If you know to use the rope well, get one which is lightweight and another which is a bit heavy. Lightweight rope helps you work on speed and timing while the heavier one lets you build muscle and strength.


Treadmill is an absolute must have for your home gym. It is compatible as it can be folded and kept in any corner of the house. It is important to warm you up before you start working out. Also, when you are tired or have absolutely no time to workout, you can definitely use the treadmill for 10 minutes rather than skipping the workout for the day completely.


Unlike the dumbbell, the gravity force that it has adds on to the challenges. The force of gravity is more because you don’t hold the body, but the handle. It is used for full body workouts just liken dumbbells, but they require extra strength and co-ordination.