Emu oil is used and known since thousands of years yet it is not very frequently used oil due to its less availability. Emu oil basically is oil sourced from emu birds that look like ostrich but are smaller in size. Emu oil is taken from the fat of this bird during processing. Emu oil has tremendous health, skin and hair benefits and is used since long where it is easily available. Following are the benefits and uses of emu oil:


Benefits: Emu oil is great anti-aging oil that prevents and fades wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. It also tightens skin making it look young and smooth. Emu oil has the property of thickening the skin thus filling the gaps in the skin and fading away wrinkles. This way, it also reduces scars and laughing lines. Along with repairing wrinkles, this oil also repairs age spots.

To use: Simply smoothen the oil on face and massage until it gets absorbed before you go to bed.


Benefits: Emu oil makes a great moisturizer. It adds moisture to the skin making it soft and plump. It is non-comedogenic that does not clog your pores like most of the oils. Gives skin the much needed hydration by sealing it the moisture.

To use: To use this oil as a moisturizer, you may take few drops of this oil on the palms and massage it on your face until it gets absorbed. Also, add few drops of this oil in your moisturizer or sunscreen and use it as usual.


Benefits: Emu oil is effective against sunburn as it is anti-inflammatory in nature. It also reduces the redness and pigmentation caused due to sunburn when used religiously.

To use: Apply the oil topically on sunburn several times a day until you feel the sunburn has healed. You can also make a mixture of emu oil and aloe vera gel and use it as a moisturizer until the sunburn heals.


Benefits: Emu oil has moisturizing properties that can repair dry, frizzy hair. It coats the hair boosting it with moisture and seals it in.

To use: To use emu oil for dry hair treatment, apply it on your hair mixed with carrier oil like coconut oil and keep it overnight. You may also apply this 2 hours before washing hair as a hot oil treatment.


Benefits: The moisturizing property of emu oil makes it perfect for repairing split ends. It easily gets absorbed by the hair and this shuts off the open shafts and heals it overtime.

To use: To use emu oil for repairing split ends, you can use it as a night treatment or 2 hours before hair washing as a hot oil treatment. This oil can also be used as a hair serum at the hair ends to heal and prevent split ends.


Benefits: Emu oil has been known to restore your scalp’s natural health and combats various scalp conditions. Emu oil moisturizes hair and scalp eradicating dandruff caused due to dry scalp. It is also anti-fungal that inhibits dandruff and dandruff-causing fungus.

To use: To use emu oil for dandruff, apply it on the scalp and massage before hair washing. You can also use it as a night treatment. If you want to apply any hair mask, add emu oil to it as well.


Benefits: Emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties that are effective against a number of problems like healing bruises, muscle swelling etc. Emu oil reduces cell damage and also muscle swelling.

To use: To use emu oil for reducing muscle swelling and inflammation you can apply this oil on the concerned area and massage a bit. If the swelling or bruise is too much, you can also tie a bandage on it after applying emu oil.


Benefits: Working at eradicating swelling with its anti-inflammatory properties, emu oil works from the root of the pain. Redness, pain and swelling in the joints can be reduced by using the oil regularly.

To use: To use emu oil for muscle and joint pain, apply the oil topically on the joints and massage, do not wash it off. Warming the oil a bit before application helps too.