FOODS HIGH IN PROTEIN FOR ENERGY AND MUSCLESLet us count the reasons we’re obsessed with protein. We need enough of this benevolent macronutrient- protein to build and repair muscle. It also plays a role in revving fat-burning metabolism and reducing the hunger pangs that can lead to an attack on the vending machine.

Additionally, protein works to slow the release of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, which can prevent the sudden spikes in blood sugar that are thought to encourage fat storage cause low energies!

Here is a list of the top foods high in proteins:

SWISS CHEESE: (25gm Protein)

Swiss cheese is a protein powerhouse, but you probably won’t want to eat a 100g serving in order to meet half of your protein needs. Swiss cheese and other cheese are also a good source of calcium, so you’re not only helping to meet your protein requirements; you’re getting a good amount of calcium.

CHICKEN BREAST: (30gm Protein)

Chicken breast consists of 30% protein giving you more than half of your DV of protein in a 100 gram serving. It’s no wonder why this is a favourite of bodybuilders as well as those looking to add lean muscle to their physique. Chicken breast is considered a high quality protein, and when compared to other cuts from the same chicken such as the leg or thigh, the breast contains more protein and less fat. So not only will chicken breast help you build lean muscle, it will help you lose fat as well, which is why it is found on many diet programs as a recommended food.

PORK CHOP (27gm Protein)

Pork often takes a backseat to chicken and beef when it comes to popular meat choices, but lean cuts of pork offer plenty of protein without a lot of fat. Like any meat you’ll want to make sure that you are having a serving of vegetables with it to help your digestive system process it. Animal sources of protein contain no fibre of their own and need an assist in the way of a vegetable.

BEEF (26gm Protein)

Ground beef is a protein-packed food that can get you halfway to your requirement in a hurry. It’s also very versatile, and tends to take on seasonings and spices well, making it a favourite go-to in many cuisines. Beef in general is also a good source of iron, as well as B Vitamins, but it’s also high in cholesterol, so it’s important to consider all factors when it comes to meeting your various requirements and staying below your daily limits in other areas.

ALMONDS (21gm Protein)

Almond and other nuts can provide you with decent amounts of protein. They’ll also help keep you satisfied because they provide protein, fibre, and healthy fats. Almonds are relatively high in fat, so the general rule is to keep your total daily consumption of almonds to a handful to avoid gaining weight.

PUMPKIN SEEDS (19gm Protein)

Pumpkin seeds have been gaining in notoriety for their healthiness, and being one of the high protein foods is part of that equation. The minerals in pumpkin seeds is what is getting all of the attention, including high levels of magnesium and zinc to help out important functions like pumping your heart and maintaining a good mood. Pumpkin seeds can help you sleep due to the tryptophan it contains, a natural amino acid that helps produce more melatonin, the hormone that signals you that it’s time for sleep.

Incorporate these protein rich foods in your daily diet for unlimited energy and strength!