FIVE MISTAKES TO AVOID WHILE COLORING YOUR HAIR AT HOMEWhether you wish to cover those stands of grey hair which make you look older or you love to flaunt that hint of rich burgundy on your tresses in keeping with your sense of fashion, colouring your hair in your favourite shade can transform the way you look.

If you do not want to go to the beauty salon and desire to colour your hair at home, make sure you avoid the common mistakes that may lead to a feeling of awkwardness and lack of self-confidence.

Five Mistakes To Avoid While Colouring Your Hair At Home

Judging the book by its cover: While buying hair colour, do not build a castle of expectation merely by looking at the golden tresses of the model who adorns the packaging. Definitely, the shade you choose is different from the shade you see on the wrapping. So, keep your expectations realistic. You may go for a strand test before you colour your hair. Colour one inch of your locks and go for it only if you love the shade.

Blotching and staining: It is desired that you colour your hair, not your scalp or the skin along the hairline. Applying Vaseline on the skin around your hairline would help. If there is a stain, get rid of it with the help of makeup remover (oil-based). Moreover, use brush and gloves while applying the hair colour. Do not apply the same using your fingers.

Experimenting: Although the idea of dyeing your hair in a shade of sultry red or electric blue may sound appealing, do not try it at home. An attempt to dye your hair in such experimental shades at home might end up in a disaster. Either you won’t get the effect at all or you may go overboard with it. So, refrain from experimenting with shades when you are colouring your hair at home. Stick to safe shades.

Lighter shades for grey hair: If you wish to cover up those grey strands of hair, it is advised that you choose darker shades. Lighter shades will only make those strands glaringly noticeable and you might end up looking bizarre.

Do not allow the colour to remain for hours: There is a stipulated period for which the colour should be allowed to stay on your hair. It is generally mentioned in the ‘directions’ printed on the leaflet that comes with your hair colour sachet. If you think that leaving it on will enhance the tint, you are mistaken. On the contrary, it may cause irritation, hair fall and dehydration of hair. After colouring your hair, wash your hair in cool water. Hot water may strip your hair of the colour. Moreover, use a good quality conditioner meant for coloured hair to keep your hair moisturised and soft. Post colouring hair care is important.

Thus, go for a reputed brand and choose the shade that suits you best. Dye your hair in a rich hue to look gorgeous and elegant!

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