Fighting Acidity with home remedies

Surely we all love spicy food, come any season or hour. But what happens when we have excess of it? Chances are we suffer from acidity that causes burning sensations in our bellies, gas formation, belching, sour taste in the mouth, and a general feeling of unpleasantness.

Fighting Acidity with home remediesAcidity Symptoms

Acidity is one of the most common lifestyle diseases that is affecting us. The most common causes of acidity are having outside food every now and then, skipping meals, having irregular meals, and having too much of spicy food.

Acid that is produced in our stomach helps in digesting the food we eat, but when there isn’t enough food to digest, or if this acid is produced more than the required quantity, it leads to acidity pangs. Here are some easiest ways that will help you say goodbye to acidity forever.

Home Remedies to fight Acidity

  1. Water: Drink water the first thing in the morning. This would help flush out excess acid in the stomach and other unwanted material that would have accumulated during the night. Coconut water when taken daily helps in fighting acidity too.
  2. Tulsi: Take a few tulsi (basil) leaves to get instant relief from acidity. You can also drink water boiled with chopped mint leaves in your mission to combat acidity.
  3. Sauf (Aniseed): Add one teaspoon of sauf to one cup of boiled water and keep it overnight. The next morning, strain the water and add a teaspoon of honey and drink this preparation all day long.
  4. Milk: Hot, cold or warm milk are the best acidity busters as they neutralize the acidic effect of the food.
  5. Jaggery: Keep sucking into a small lump of Gur (jaggery) in your mouth slowly. The sweet juice of jaggery will subside acidity.
  6. Nuts: Almonds, dried figs and raisins help in removing the burning sensation in the stomach.
  7. Fruits: Bananas, papayas, watermelons, and cucumbers are famous as they are good curatives in fighting acidity.
  8. Fighting Acidity with home remediesClove: One piece of clove when kept in the mouth for some time can help in reducing acidity.
  9. Ginger: Ginger when used in meals provides better digestion and prevents incidents of heartburns.

Regular exercise and meditation also keeps the stomach and digestive system in balance. Besides the above recommendations, avoid doing the following to keep acidity at bay:

  • Say no to eating fried, fatty and junk food and excessive chocolates.
  • Indulge in carbohydrate rich diet. Example rice as there is less acid formation caused by such food in the stomach.
  • Have your dinner two to three hours before sleep. This ensures food is digested completely.
  • Maintaining the right body weight helps in controlling acidity.
  • Say ‘no’ to cigarettes, alcohol and aerated drinks.
  • Try to eat more homemade food and avoid eating foods from outside.

A simple and healthy lifestyle can keep your stomach happy. Go for a neutral not an acidic life!