Customized gifts are always special but when you add some extra touches of yours to it, it really becomes more worthy to your beloved ones. So today I will show you how to make fabric tapes. You can use colourful fabric tapes in various ways. Let’s check how to prepare it.


You can use fabric scrapes to make fabric tapes or you can use satin ribbons too to make these tapes. Here I have used colourful ribbons but if you don’t have ribbons right now, you just cut pieces of cloth scrapes and try this.

Other things you will need-

  • Double sided tape
  • Scissor
  • A hard ruler or you can also use an old credit card to smooth out the fabric on the tape



  1. Flatten the fabric pieces or satin ribbon pieces placing the wrong side of it in upward direction.
  1. Then place the double sided tape on the wrong side of the fabric and with the ruler or credit card scrape and smooth out the surface of the fabric on tape.
  1. You are done! Store them and when you want to use it, just remove the paper covering from the other side of the double sided tape and place the glue surface on the cards or gifts. And your customized gift is ready!

I have used it on some greetings cards and I have also made a special tape to use it on Independence Day greetings card. As the satin ribbons were mono coloured, I have add those golden & red polkas to make it more colourful and vibrant. You can try this at your home to add that extra love to your gifts!

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