Easy DIY Ways to Prevent and Fix Self Tanner Disasters

Get that perfect summertime glow with self-tanners, following these simple tips on how to fix self-tanning disasters, and also how to prevent a streaky, splotchy mess.

Prevent and Fix

Prep your skin beforehand. one of the most important things you want to do is exfoliate in the shower with a body scrub or loofah sponge, and moisturize, prior to applying your self tanner. Be sure to moisturize those areas like your knees, elbows, knuckles and ankles first, and then apply your self tanner to keep the dry skin from absorbing more color than necessary. Dilute the self tanner with a moisturizer to get a light medium shade.

Dip a wash cloth or exfoliating gloves in lemon juice and exfoliate the skin. The lemon juice’s acidity helps break up the color, while the rough surface of the wash cloth removes the unevenness from your skin’s surface. Cut a lemon in half and try rubbing it on over darkened parts to lighten the tan.

Sugar scrub
If you end up with a streaky-looking tan, lightly exfoliate with a sugar scrub which will helps even out the color. Mix sugar with honey and lemon juice and lightly massage it into the skin.

Baking soda scrub:
To lighten the tan, make a thick paste out of baking soda and water, apply it to the streaked areas and then massage it in until the streak disappears.

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With these simple tips and tricks you can achieve that beautiful, bronzed glowing skin this summer.