Hello lovely ladies, How are you all doing? I’m enjoying towards my end J Today I brought some tricks to use baby powders in summer. Baby powder is not only used for babies, but this white powder is extremely helpful for us young women’s too. You might have heard about powder helps in lightening stains from your cloth, removes grease, keeps your baby rashes free and so on. There are many more uses of baby powder which you never have considered of, so I’m adding some more points to the list which shows how baby powder can be helpful to you in summers.

Dry Armpits : If you have a busy schedule and running quite often, baby powder has something to do with you. Take some baby powder and rub it under your armpits. This helps to controls the sweat and keeps your armpits dry and free. Baby powder is not only cheap but it smells really wonderful. Best ways to keep your armpits clean and dry >>

Dry shampoo :  Baby powder also acts as a dry shampoo, especially for those who have oily and sticky scalp. Take some baby powder and sprinkle it on your hair brush. Run this all over your hair. You can also use your finger to spread the powder on your scalp equally. If you have blonde colour hair, add some cocoa powder. For red highlights, mix it with cinnamon powder.

Rubber gloves: If you are working in a laboratory, and your rubber gloves slips from your hand often due to sweat, baby powder got a solution for you. Take some powder and rub it all over your hand. Now put on your gloves and get set for work. Powder controls releasing of sweat from your hand, and also maintains a grip between your hand and gloves.

Happy shoes:  If you have to wear your shoe comparatively for a longer duration of time, take some powder and slip it into your show pads or sandals. Baby powder keeps your feet sweat free and avoids shoe bite. Baby powder has sweet fragrances, so what harms if your sandals smells sweeter?

Use as a deodorant: If you are out of your deodorant and perfumes, you can use baby powder as your spray. Baby powder was used as perfumes and deodorants during our grandma and grandpa’s time. You can puff baby powder all over your body after applying moisturiser, this helps to keep the fragrance to stay longer.

Plumy eyelashes: Baby powder makes your eye lashes look fuller and longer. Dust some powder before you apply mascara on your eye lashes. This will make your lashes look filled and complete. Long lashes naturally >>

Before going to bed: After the end of entire tiring day, you land up at your bed. During summer days bed says nothing but releases heat and warmth. Using baby powder can keep your bed sheets stay cooler. Put a small amount of powder on your sheets and then you can retire to your bed. You will get a cool and peaceful sleep.

Face: The most common use of baby powder is to apply on your face. As said earlier, baby powder control perspiration and helps to keep you face clean and fresh. Do not dab too much of powder on your face, spread it equally.

Final touch: Before leaving for a party, take some baby powder on your brush and merge it properly with the skin to give it a final touch. Do not over use powder as your face may look cakey and weird.

After shave: Before you wax your legs and hands, pamper them with baby powder. Powder will absorb the moisture and make your waxing pain free. Once you are done with waxing, dab baby powder all over your legs and hands. Baby powder will help to keep your waxed area free from itching and harsh rashes.

Remove sand: The sun is getting stronger these day s and if you have planned to visit and cool down at nearby beeches than go ahead. Make sure to carry a baby powder with you which will help to remove sand from your body. Just sprinkle a bit of powder over anyone who is covered in sand after your day of fun. The powder will make it much easier to just brush off the sand.

Prevent chafing: If you sweat a lot these summer day s, you will surely experience chafing. Do not worry, take some powder and run it all over the parts that can normally chaff. It will help to eliminate friction when you run so your skin will stay smooth and pain-free. Mostly you experience chafing near your inner thighs.